interesting news...

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... That is just depressing. But if any of it goes to court, man, i would love to read that opinion.

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you say depressing, I say hilarious . . . .

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Most High

"Ralph's ambition is to one day become a politician."

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I had just copied that exact line. Good thing I read the comments first or I woulda looked kinda dumb posting the exact same thing days later. Blum 3

But seriously. Definitely the best part of the whole thing. At least he's starting to get the practice for it. Most of them don't start with the shady business until at least their freshman year in college. }:)

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Why wasn't I smart enough to think of the 'person of restricted growth' when I was 13. Of course I was smart enough to know what to do with hookers. You play with the XXXbox on 'em.

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You've gotta get with the times.
I just pre-ordered my XXXboXXX

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Do you happen to know if they are available in Europe, yet?

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