I'm not much for talking about myself. I linked over from ToMU, I found a lot of really well written, interesting stories through links but this is the only one that stuck. I'm so involved in the story its terrible; at the end of every chapter I whine a little inside my head because I wish there were more. I spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft with my husband, cooking and reading online serials & web comics. I don't work and I'm between colleges right now as we are about to move; such is life as an Army wife. Oh, I also like to play around in Photoshop quite a bit, I'm not amazing but I've made banners, icons and such for my friends. Its something to do when I'm bored at least!

So... Hi!

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hello fellow army wife! Smile

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Most High

You're a BPALer! Smile

I just got notification that my Gaiman/Pratchett decants are on their way. EEEE! Yes, I broke down, dear readers. Turnips and sackcloth mostly, but I desperately needed a little squee in my life.

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