Abundance of Birthdays

Happy Birthday Shark Bait, Shadow_Slayer74, packrat, and priya!

*pauses to catch her breath*

Supposedly there are the same amount of babies conceived on New Year's as there are any other time of year, but you'd never know it based on our little community, would you?

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and so soon after the triple-birthday!

Some people just got shown up.

Happy collective birthday to our Borg.
or something.

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Happy birthday! Have a lovely day/night/whatever it is at this point.

. . . I'm sure there's a dirty joke about quadruplets somewhere in there . ..

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As to the birthdays thing, I have a cousin and two friends whose birthdays are all on the fifth of September, and mine is the seventh that makes for lots of cake for all.

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Congratulations to all of you, but especially to you, Shadow Slayer, for having a most delightful avatar.

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It's a birthday pun!

Happy Birthday, you four! Hopefully you get the day off for the holiday. If not, enjoy it as best you can.


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My beloved was born on Labor day, her mother was also born on a different Labor day. There are also two cousins with labor day b-days. The joke in her family is "why do you think they call in Labor day?"
And it's not just them, I'd swear there are more people with September birthdays, I'd always heard "everyone gets laid on New Years- and is too drunk to remember protection..."

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Thanks all! Normally, I don't like sharing my birthday, but I'll make a special exception here. Wink And, actually, it's my 21st birthday, so I opened up a legal bottle of champagne at midnight. Smile

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For the record, my parents tell me I was a planned baby, so I don't know what that says about the New Years drunken theory.

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"Our resolution this year is to get pregnant!" Probably one the most fun kinds of resolutions to keep, if you're doing it the old-fashioned way ;-D

(and of course absolutely no offense meant to your parents, packrat)

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Bawls. I missed this one. Hope it was a good one. Need to go get a couple more drinks... :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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Don't get too toasted. Civilization resumes tomorrow. Blum 3

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but Sid Meier's Pirates has off until Thursday.

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That's not even the warm up on a night out...

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I missed the last group birthday too, I wonder what that means?

Yeah, I know, nothing at all.


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