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Ok Mei. I noticed that the "My points" link is finally working. So this leads me to ask...

Why does it say I have x number of points at the bottom of whatever page I'm on (currently 27 as I post this), but say I have.... oh fooey, it's easier just to copy it over....

Uncategorized points Balance: 27
comments points Balance: 5

Approved points Balance: 32
Points awaiting moderation: 0
Net points Balance: 32

Which balance counts towards my bonus story request?

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Most High

I didn't understand that separating out points would make things complicated until it was too late. At some point when I don't have a lot to do (HA) I'll be consolidating people's points.

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I was wondering, too!

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I was also wondering about that - thank you for asking. Apparently you got enough though, cause you got a bonus story Smile

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I was checking out the "Users By Points" chart earlier and I saw that you had -49. How in the world does the author of a marvelous novel have negative points? Just wondering Blum 3

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Most High

Otherwise I'd be at the top of the charts. This keeps me at the bottom, so I can see what's really going on.

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