Recipes request - decategorized list

So I sort of recently remembered that the recipes section exists, posted a recipe, dug through some older ones, etc etc. I blame my roommate for coming home and inspiring me to cook. (Last night I made both flan and world peace cookies in one night :D)

But I discovered that looking through the recipes is really, really hard. I'll click on two tags and they'll both have almost exactly the same recipes in them, which is frustrating/annoying/unhelpful/etc. Can there be a view option where you just see all the recipes in a list? It doesn't have to be fancy (heck, just spit them out alphabetically for all I care) but it would be SO much easier to read. If for some reason this is way more difficult than I think it would be - since I write straight PHP/MySQL and have no experience with Drupal at all - please ignore it.

Also, no doing anything till you feel better! I saw the post about being at the end of your rope. So no coding until your rope comes back. Blum 3

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It'll take me a small bit to do this, but I can do it. Views module FTW.

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