aggrieved capriox is aggrieved

So after hassling y'all to come meet me at the Sterling Ren Fest tomorrow.... I'm now sick. Actually, I feel fine, but my guts decided they hate me and especially food right now, and they have some pretty hefty veto powers. At this point, as long as I don't feel *worse* tomorrow morning, I'm still gonna go and spend the day planted in a shady spot with a bottle of Sprite if I have to. I think I'm improving as it is, but that could just be the fact that I've barely eaten anything all day (one bite of a pancake, a fruit cup, half a bowl of soup, and 3 cherry tomatoes from the garden).

Tangentially, I've talked to V and scrapper and they made it safely to Oswego for the night, yay!

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If it's just stomach flu, I don't see why it wouldn't be better by tomorrow morning. I understand completely about your guts declaring anarchy. I had an IBS flare up myself this weekend, in retaliation for having eaten too much fried food on Thursday. I hope you feel better and are still able to come. My friend's friend was there today and won't be staying for tomorrow, so if you don't come it'll just be the four of us. =\

But of course if you can't make it that's alright. And don't feel like you have to be there first thing either. It's supposed to be 90 in the city tomorrow. I am trying to convince myself that it wouldn't matter what I wore in that heat, I'd be dying anyway. I may have to chuck the outfit so I'm not risking heat stroke though. We'll see.

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I wasn't going to meet you anyway (due to being half a world across) but stomach flu is torture so I hope you get better soon. Remember to keep hydrated, get lots of rest, you know the drill. Good Luck!

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Get well soon.

I'm sorry I can't be there.

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