Hmmm, changing it all around are we?

:jawdrop: I was just reading the latest general blather comments and saw a post by Mei saying that when IHGK book 1 comes out in final production those of us who have read the postings here of book one will be thrown for a loop, that what we know ( or think we know ) thus far about the story and where it goes is likely to be completely changed. I say Mei, are you a devotee of Eddin? That seems awfully tricksterish to me, I am definitely going to have to find the final versions where ever they may land now so I can tell the difference and be able to dicuss it intelligently with all the folks who will only know the polished version.
(as if I wasn't going to find and buy it anyway Wink ) What will change? What can be changed? The story seems perfect to me, I just finished ALL available chapters today, the opening with Temmin and Teacher on the battlefield is always present in the back of my mind and I wonder what happens now to lead us there and what happens from there, but that little hint before launching into the backstory is absolutely beautiful!
That said I feel I must let Mei know that I have completely adored this epic thus far and will feel exactly like this :cry: until the hiatus is ended.

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Most High

...but events happen out of the current order. New characters appear, old characters are sidelined (for a while), some characters disappear altogether (possibly). Relationships (all kinds) are refined. Minor plot points are changed around. The *basic* story, though, remains the same.

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And here I was, looking forward to shock and awe. Blum 3

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I LIKE the original version. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried about how I'll feel about the final copies. I'll buy 'em, of course, and read them. But I really do love this story, and I'm not always one for change.

Out of curiousity, will there be any way for us old fans to access these drafts we've fallen in love with, once you've finalized the whole shebang and pulled 'em down?

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Most High

...for like a buck, just to defray the cost of exporting it all (it's a surprising amount of work).

We'll see. The writer in me cringes at the draft, I have to say. And honestly, Slagar, it's not THAT different from the original! Except it's a lot more coherent! Biggrin

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Really do! Smile

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