Hayao Miyazaki's new MoveiEEEEEEEEE!!

I think Mei's mentioned being a fan or her girls are or both, but in case you haven't heard- Miyazki Hayao-san has released a new movie through Disney called "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea".
(sorry it comes with a comercial-is official trailer)
...You may now comence squeeing and jumping up and down. Jumpeveryone

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Oh wait, the 2nd trailer is even better!
I love how he's kicking it olde School and hand-drawing this one, there's no CG in this one.
:nerd: :love:

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I wondered why the animation was sort of old and new at the same time -- thought it might just be imitation of the more hand drawn style, but this is cooler.

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One of the reasons I love his work so is that he is a traditionalist for the most part. Only "Spirited Away" and "Howls Moving Castle" have any CG in them and it was mostly because he was persuded into usuing it. When given his own way he does it all by hand (or well, his wife and team of other artists draw a lot too). That and the fact his stories are almost all with a strong female lead makes him a beloved fav of mine. So glad tonight is movie-night Biggrin

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nothing but amazing things about this movie. Very much looking forward to seeing it.

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Most High

I think we're seeing it today. We are all wicked massive Miyazaki-san fans. eee!

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It is made of cute! The lead characters are five-year olds and he captures the essence of little kid so perfectly(there's a scene with the fish-princess getting human-food and first is all "hot hot!" then later she's falling asleep in her bowl-so cute!)

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My cousin is five! I have to see this with her!

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she'll love it, especially if she's a redhead. It's kinda like a "Little Mermaid" story with an eviromentalist theme.

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or I would go see it. Hope it comes here soon.

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oo. I saw it.
very very cute!!

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