A 2-chapter weekend

  • Posted on: 10 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Someone just gave me a second huge donation and we're at exactly $100. I may give back the second chunk of cash because, really, too much. Either way, though, in honor of a generous spirit, I'm giving you guys your second chapter this weekend and next week's donation target will be lower. I was aiming for 10% of the audience to give $1; next week I'll aim for 7.5% of the audience, or $75.

So: Chapter tonight right about the time I finish writing this, and chapter tomorrow night at midnight as well. Enjoy.

ETA: Viruslife was the donor, and I've flipped over all her cards---she gets to pick a character and ask a question. Viruslife, come on down!


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Thanks, Viruslife. Thanks, MeiLin.
One more late night, waiting for a chapter...

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At least we don't have to wait till tuesday for the next chapter! Thanks virus!!

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Your welcome, although I admit I did it for the self reason that I wanted another story. And now I get two oh my. Looking back through the chapters there are two minor characters that interest me. However I think I would like to know more about Temmin's friend from Whitehorse Alvo and how he came to love Temmin or how he is doing now that Temmin is gone.

best always

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Most High

OK, I need to finish up 38 and get 39 under way, then I'll put what's left of my meager brain on the task. Smile

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what a great story to pick! also i know what you mean with wanting another chapter. Once MeiLins Gaiman collection is caught up I'll probably be increasing my weekly donation a little bit. And dont you dare tell me i'm doing too much Mei Blum 3 . You and this story are completely worth every penny. As always thank you to everyone who donated.

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