Chapter 37 in the scheduler, 38 well under way

  • Posted on: 9 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Skirmishes between Temmin and Ellika, and Warin and Hildin, and twin cliffhangers. Because I'm evil that way. :evil: Chapter 38 is about half-done and on target for Tuesday.

The dollar target resets at midnight and remains $100. We didn't meet it this week for the second time ever, and not coincidentally, they were both weeks with marketing targets met. I was a bit ambitious, I admit, but then, you guys got a lot of story in the last two weeks, including two bonus stories earned by community members. Looking at giving trends and our stats, $100 seemed achievable, what can I say. We'll start the week at $33.

Thus, this chapter is your bonus chapter for meeting the now-ended Twitter target. Yay, you! There are more marketing targets yet to do, and they don't cost you one thin dime. Those of you who do things like buy PW ads for the History, tell people about the History on your livejournal or on an email list--and then let me know somehow--get x-points toward your very own bonus story.

See you at midnight, or tomorrow, whatever! Smile


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Sweetie... I really do think you've been writing tooo much. 100-73 = 27. If I had it, I'd so give it, but I don't. I'm sorry!

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Most High

It's worse than I thought! Thanks.

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