HB Zaranthan!

Since I'm up anyway... Smile Hope you have a wonderful day! And since I see you're new, I hope you have a lot of fun with the rest of us! Wink

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Heppy Berthday! Welcome! Join us in the happy rumpus.

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Birthday wishes to you! Biggrin

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And also welcome!

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Happy (belated) birthday!

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May the drinks be with you... :beer: :beer: :beer:

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Here's your birthday song.
It isn't very long.

Happy birthday!

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but not this. Wow. Thanks, guys! It HAS been a good birthday so far. Spent the morning nursing a bloody mary and sunburning my feet on the beach, had some ice cream cake (because Aug 4 has been 90+ since I was born), and am now playing with my new Wacom tablet.

On a related note, anyone who wants to help me get something special for my fiancee (who was born exactly 365 days after I was) can let me know about any dogs around central NJ that need adopting, we've got all these bones and toys but noone to play with them anymore.

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