Super cute

I don't know if anyone's seen this before, but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've just started watching Dr. Who and I know a little about Torchwood from Mei's novella, so even though I'm not totally sure what's going on all the time, I can recognize the characters enough. It's just the cutest thing, though it hasn't been updated since November of '08, but it looks like it will start up again eventually.

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Most High

I had totally forgotten this comic. It is extremely silly. I have an icon of 9 from that comic, who has the nanny role (even though 10 is a Torchwood baby).

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Oh holy crap. XDDD

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OK, that comic is pretty hilarious.

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I love it, silly can be good. Thanks for sharing!

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Just adorable! You are now on my list of favorite people for posting this!

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tickled pink! And quite flattered. Smile

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