Possible DC area meetup, February

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I'm all about the chocolate, but it's a little far for me:(

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but I have no idea how I'd get there and back in just one weekend, using only public transportation.

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If you're close to Amtrak, they do a pretty serious business up/down the East Coast through DC.

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although I'd have to see where I am financially at that point, since a round trip ticket from Boston is about $150. But I'm definitely interested in going, so I'll keep it in mind.

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I used it and loved it. You'd have to transfer in New York, but if you buy the tickets far enough in advance they can be as little as $1! And they max out at $25 so your trip would be at most $100.

...Excluding public transit that is not Bolt.

It's run by Greyhound, and has outlets and WiFi on the bus. It's lovely Biggrin

Of course, Boston to DC by bus is like 8 hours. So that might not be the best of options. But maybe one way?

Because I am bored at work, I poked at the schedule for a bit. You could:
Boston to NY on Friday leaving 5:30 arriving 9:45 and then the 10pm bus to arrive at 2:15am
And they do the same thing on the way back: DC to NY 5:30 to 9:45, NY to Boston 10 to 2:15

Assuming you are the corporate drone 9-5 schedule and actually get off work at 5pm on Fridays. And that you can survive two nights in a row of going to sleep at 2:15am. And that arriving in a city at 2:15 in the morning is an acceptable plan for you. And you think 15 minutes is an acceptable layover to catch the bus, since there will be shit tons of traffic both ways (oh, weekend traffic, how I hate thee). And you can find a place to stay in DC. And... I'm done now. You get the point Biggrin

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I've taken the Bolt Bus, but only to New York. I didn't realize they went all the way to D.C. The length of trip isn't really a factor, since the Amtrak would have been 7 & 1/2 hours anyway. Then the only thing I really need to worry about is somewhere to stay in D.C. And I'm sure there's some generous soul on here who could lend me a couch Biggrin Pretty please?

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I've taken it separately NY to Boston and NY to DC, but never all in one trip. The only thing is that it's two different stops in New York to go to each place. Of course, one is 34th St and 7th Ave and the other is 33rd St and 8th Ave (Ignore Grand Street, as a New Yorker, I know for a fact it's totally out of your way). So since New York actually follows a reasonably consistent numbering system, this means that the stops are technically different but functionally two minutes from each other.

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pretty easy for me, whether at school or home. Sounds good!

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I'll have to see what's going on in my life the first week of February, but this could also turn out to be a nifty early Valentine's day present or something. Alternatively, we could all meet up that weekend and one of the days, a group splits out to DC for the Smithsonian or some national monuments or something.

If I do attend, I'll probably drive down from CT and could give 1-3 extra (3 if you're REALLY good friends and pack light) people a lift.

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I was considering it, since it would only be $124 round trip for me on Amtrak--but 17 hours EACH WAY is a LOT of travel time. I think I will pass.

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Too far in advance to tell for sure, but I will definitely keep it in mind, because how can one turn down lots of chocolate?! My brother lives in DC, so I could always harass him for a couple of days too.

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I may consider it, and I know another reader lives in my neck of the woods who may wish to join me. I'd probably drive myself up there.

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