Thursday update: Damn, those mojo bags work

  • Posted on: 8 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Stymied, broke out the mojo bag and my communications oils from TAL, boom, the words started flowing again.* Chapter 36 is in polishing. We're back with Warin and Emmae, building toward the big confrontation with Hildin. Which, of course, I'm not looking forward to because it's a fucking fight scene! I'm much better with fighting fuck scenes. heh.

A sidenote: I gave Song Coyote 10 x-points and TGC 20 x-points for birfday presentage. Because I can.

*(For those who care, my mojo bag is a Hand of Hermes, and my main TAL oils are Hand of Hermes and Hymn to Pan for this story. I am a true believer in TAL. I keep my mojo bag over my heart or, ehm, in my overly abundant cleavage when I write.)


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Good heavens - with that last image I am now having some impure thoughts about the author. I truly enjoy rugged men and lovely boys, but I have a weak spot for cleavage, especially decorated with pretty things like amulets or perfume bottles.

Having such beautiful glimpses into lovemaking in recent stories (Temmin's, at least) certainly makes that image easier to conjure!

Oh, and now that I have hopefully embarassed myself and MeiLin: thank you for the points! An unexpected gift.

Light and laughter,

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Most High

Impressive ain't innit. I have the prow of an ocean liner. When I pass my reflection in a mirror I start humming "Rule, Brittania."

Sadly the rest of me matches. Smile

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a friend describes one woman we know as possessed of "a balcony you could do Shakespeare from."

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Hadn't seen my feet in years, or anything below the chest, really. Then I got breast reduction surgery. Removed six pounds total. Now I'm a measly DD. Wish it were less, but not doing it again, once is enough.

Don't know why nature overendows, can't see any logical reason for it, other than to inspire paleolithic artists in and around Willendorf.

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Most High

I'm pretty sure my great-great-some-odd-grandmother posed for that. :O

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this is the genetic model of the women in one branch of my family. In my anthropology class in college when this slide came up, one of the thin pretty things said, "but, women don't look like that!" I thought, "you ninny, that's my mom down to the ground." Didn't say that of course.

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