Multiple Kiddos & the body

Sorry, I'm losing track already over in the congrats thread, so I'm starting a new one.

How was #3 harder on me? Well.....
I have a track record of sailing right through pregnancy, no complications, no problems, no morning sickness, no nothing. I'm not complaining, and I promise I'm not bragging. Angel

W/ #1, the only problem was that she was 2 weeks late, and we didn't know it because I couldn't give an accurate "last period" date and she was so small (6.5lb baby). She turned into an emergency C-sec after being induced.

w/ #2, the only problem was an over-stretched ligament. ONE. The one that runs from about your knee to your ribcage or so. So, we'd park at WalMart, and I'd start walking at my usual pace through the parking lot, and suddenly I felt like I was being stabbed in the side. Couldn't move more than about a foot a minute once the pain started, so I learned to take it real easy and just kind of push on through.
She also turned into a C-section, because a week from being due, I had NO signs of my body starting to get ready to push her out, so I kind of freaked, and we scheduled a C-section (irritating Mr Ferret, since I drug him into birth class for that one). Turned out to be a great idea! She was not a pound heavier than sister, but had a FIFTEEN INCH head. That's 38cm out a 10cm hole. To quote the Dr.. "Yeah, you weren't going to push that out!" as he's sewing up my belly.

All of that was so I could tell you this:

W/ #3, the ligament pain started early - before I was showing - and only got worse. Much much worse.
There's the back spasms - probably a pinched nerve - that got to the point where I couldn't sit, stand, or bend w/o it hurting before I gave up & took myself off to the chiropractor.
My ligaments started hurting soon after. I would hurt anywhere from my waist to my knees, and back around to my butt. My "favorite" hurt was the one where it felt like I was being stabbed in the vagina w/ a slightly sharp, but very hot knife.
There were days I couldn't drive my standard transmission car, because operating the clutch made me about scream.

Going to the chiro regularly for about a month helped, and soon I dropped it to a visit every other week or so. I could walk and function during the day. The depressing one is that I lost the ability to sleep in my own bed. By laying down on the bed, something would happen that made it impossible for me to roll to my other side, sit up, and then initially walk when I first stood up. Just pulling my knees towards my chest would cause me to gasp & holler, because the pain in my groin was fast & intense.

When I'd go to sit up for the first time, my hips would shift & pop - not unexpected - but when I stood up, it's like they were paralyzed. I could not actually take steps properly until I'd manage to get out of my room. I got out of the room by leaning on various pieces of furniture for support and kind of dragging my feet across the carpet.

I think I'm rambling. I'm sorry, I'm typing this at midnight, 2 days in a row, and literally falling asleep over the keyboard. Like I did just now.
I'm going to stop typing - please ask anything specific.

I think I'm asking if anybody noticed MORE pain, whether it was just more intense, more often. New pains? And I just lost my train of thought. I give up.

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#3 turned breach & never went back. Ok - so then we're wondering how much of the new pain is 3rd baby, and how much is being breach.

Then Wed night, we find out..... he was a NINE POUND booger. I know there's bigger babies in the world, but when #1 is 6, #2 is low 7.... 9 is HUGE. And very huge for both sides of our family.

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This is WAY up at the top of the list of reasons why I am happy as all holy hell to be a dude.
Because I definitely want to have kids...and that up there definitely doesn't sound like fun. :crown:

ETA: I also was a big enough baby that I broke the tip of the sternum to create space.

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That's not cool, TB. *adds 'broken sternum tip' to reasons never to get pregnant* Adoption sounds better and better as I read this thread.

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If he thinks that's good, I almost took my mom out when I was born, and I was only 6.5 lbs.

>.> Uh, not that I'd want to have killed my mother. I love my mommy. Sad

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didn't have THAT problem, but my oldest broke my tailbone on her way out.

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The pain you describe sounds much more like it was your sciatic nerve. That nerve runs from your lower back through the buttock and into the leg, all the way down to the ankle, and when it pops out of place it can be anywhere from uncomfortable to incredibly painful. This is something that would be helped by a chiropractor, since it involves the spine.

Ligaments in the knee serve the function of holding the joint together and holding the muscles to the joints. There is no ligament that goes from the knee to the ribcage. There is a ligament that is formed by a section of membrane that surrounds some of the blood vessels that extend from the liver to the organs under the ribcage, and I suppose that a developing baby kicking you in the ribs could stretch it. There's also a couple that connect the uterus to the ovaries. I doubt a chiropractor could do anything for any ligament, let alone these, however.

Whoever told you it was only ligament pain the first time and that a chiropractor could help you with it didn't know what they were talking about. Easy for me to say when I'm not a medical professional, I know, but my mother is and the whole thing sounds a little weird to me. And if you had a pinched nerve in your lower back that could account for the pain you felt down there. Pinched nerves don't heal quickly, and small things can damage them again once they've been irritated. The pain is often far reaching, because major nerves are long.

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Raigne has a good point, thar.

I've been really lucky. No major pains, complications, or accidents with any of my kiddles.

Let's hope I didn't just jynx myself. :biglol:

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Acarophob pointed out last night that the baby is currently the size of a little smoky...

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Most High

*wag wag* I hope you lot appreciate your mothers a little more now! The things we go through to give birth to you! *wag wag*

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Erk. Yeah, I think I'll stick to midwiving animals.

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For those interested in the progrssion of the pregnancy of NWM's baby here is what I've got so far (with notes on 1st and 2nd pregnancy included for comparison.)

I am still in my first trimester, currently 10wks 4 days. This baby has brough the gift of "morning" sickness. I use the term loosley since it started out very mild, then progressed to moderate and nearly all day. For sometime I really only ate from dinner time and later. I think that it is now diminishing, in that I only have it intermittently. Food aversions: meat, especially pork, lunchmeat, and pizza toppings. I've also had terrible exhaustion, I feel like I could sleep half of the day
away. I think that this is beginning to subside. So far no real aches or pains to report.

Baby#1 (Girl) Morning sickness was mild to moderate, lasted into early afternoon, & only lasted the 1st trimester. Food aversions: seafood, especially salmon. And terrible exhaustion. I remember coming home from work and falling asleep on the couch by 6:30 or so, then waking up around 10 or 10:30 only to head to bed. I think it lasted all of the first trimester and partly into the second. Starting some time in the second trimester she managed to cause TERRIBLE back pain (sciatic nerve pain and possible dislocation of my tail bone.) Born 5 days after our "due" date.

Baby#2 (Girl) Morning sickness was also mild to moderate, was mostly in the AM, and was gone by 2nd trimester. Food aversions: ALL seafood. I might have been a little more tired, but if so it was managable during nap time for baby 1. I don't remember feeling completely drained. The rest of the pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing. Born 2 days after our
"due" date.

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