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  • Posted on: 6 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I spent the morning dealing with Project Wonderful, which decided to drop my ad boxes. After a polite conversation, they were re-instated, but I ended up expending what little energy I had today on it. It means all the paid ads that were on the site went *poof* and it may be some time before I get them all back. Translation: Now would be a good time to chip in a buck if you haven't before.

We've reached a marketing target: There are now 25 people following me on Twitter, so you guys get an extra chapter as promised. That marketing target is now completed and won't be re-upped.

If I managed to finish 35 today, it'll be late. I'm just beat after all that. I mean, it was a minor thing in the scheme of things, but still really angst-producing. When they canceled my ad boxes, I completely lost my ad budget. What I earn via PW goes right back to it in ads for the site. Very disconcerting. Luckily a chunk of 36 is already written.


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It is always frustrating when things don't go as expected. I hope your angst doesn't keep you too angsty. If it helps, I can't breathe because my nose is stuffy!

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Did they tell you why the boxes suddenly disappeared so it can be prevented in the future?

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Most High

Now don't go bombarding poor Ryan with emails, because we had it out and he changed his mind, okay? PW is worried about losing its rights to use PayPal, so it went over the NSFW sites in its network looking for porn sites, which are against the PayPal TOS. He went to the front page here, clicked through to the smut sample (currently chapter 30, in the Temple), and bang, there went my ad boxes. Never mind that the closest thing to sex in the first six chapters is Temmin kissing his mother and sisters on the cheek. I pointed out that this is a story with sex, not sex with a story, and that there is a specific exemption for literary merit in the PayPal TOS. He agreed, and reinstated my boxes with a sincere apology.

Best thing you can do, as always, is throw a buck at me if you can--even one--and/or spread the word about the story. Tell your friends, review at Pages Unbound, post on your email lists about how great it is, and so on. The word of mouth helps tremendously and really helps my now-nearly-nonexistent ad budget. Smile

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Screw-ups happen to everyone. The true measure of a company is how they behave when something goes wrong. They messed up, admitted they messed up, and fixed it with an apology. To me that speaks volumes (good volumes) about Project Wonderful.

I'll keep this in mind if any of my web design customers ever express an interest in ad revenue...

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Most High

I had canceled all of my ad buys and was writing up some choice comments to post in various places including here, but he turned it around. Not that I'm so influential--I'm not--but news does travel. My ad campaigns are back up at PW; I'm paying for them right now out of the donation pool, and hopefully ad revenue will pick back up here to pay for the campaigns soon.

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