Recently a friend (alternately: author/indie game dev I have been 'net stalking for years) of mine on LiveJournal started a new story project called Anachronauts. He releases story content the way people release games for beta testing. He likes to have a lot of input and have the editing of the work be a very open process.

The story is a genre mash-up with Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy having made appearances thus far. The setting is a future Earth, the characters are wacky, and when we first meet our heroes, hijinks have been ensuing already. Eight chapters are planned, two are currently up for your perusal and feedback. I promise it's worth the read if you are the least bit intrigued by what I've said so far.

Also, here's a link to his older work if you like what you see and want more before the next segment of this story is posted.

Edit: He's suggested I add a disclaimer that it will get heavier later on in the plot, so as not to give people the wrong idea, or nuke their hopes, or whatever. Personally, I'd rather destroy everybody's optimism on the sly, but there it is. Blum 3

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That's an interesting way to look at it--beta testing as if it were a game. That's kinda what I'm doing here, innit? *rolling that around in head*

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