Happy Birthday blwinteler and Thaeodora!

We've been slacking off on birthday wishes lately, so I figured I'd get it in bright and early. Hope both of you have a great day! Party

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Welcome to the forum, Thaeodora. xD

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Thanks, for both the welcome and the birthday wishes!
I feel happy. But cannot think of many things to say, half way through The Queen Who Ruled by Herself, cant think beyond " OH MY, whats happenign now?"

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Here's to you, and here's to me.
May we never disagree.
But if we do, screw you.
Here's to me.

Many birthday wishes to you both.

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Most High

to old friends and new! I hope you both have fabulous days. Party

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Blessing & best of wishes for your next year, you two!

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Happy birthday, the two of you! Smile

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May you both enjoy a day filled with fun & joy that starts a bright & glorious year for each of you.

Party :beer: Party :beer: Party :beer: Party :beer: Party :beer: Party :beer: Party

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Happy birthday, both of yous.

Welcome, Thaeodora...if we haven't seen your introductory post in the intro section, most of us would love to.

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Just went roller skating with an old friend in littleton, heading to a body painting thing, having a lovely day. Smile

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Happy almost belated birthday. Hope they were enjoyable!!

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