Age, Health, and the combination thereof...

I have, for the past several months, felt very much my temporal age, an effect made worse by a number of relapses into ill health. As some of you may remember, I suffered a nasty bout of Pneumonia that has now dragged on and on for far too long by anyone's calculations. I have been bedridden, lost more weight than is healthy for one of my age and stature, and feel entirely too weak and shakey. However, I now feel that I am truly 'on the mend', and shall endeavor to once more make the attempt to elucidate and share my knowledge.

In other words, I've been sick for a long time, and am quite happy to now be feeling better and hope to resume writing here on a regular basis. I'm sorting through several months of built-up correspondences, and attempting to re-gather my notes and journals into some semblance of order so that I may once more expound on the history of timekeeping, as I promised to do so many months ago. Thanks to all for the many well wishes, and a particular "Thank You" to Mei Lin for the very pleasant surprise of finding a finished volume awaiting me on these electronic pages for perusal and entertainment.

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Glad you're back, sir.

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Never really got a chance to speak to you, since you became ill shortly after I joined, but I am happy to hear you're doing better and that we'll be seeing more of you Smile

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Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery!

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Most High

I'm so sorry you've been sick. As someone who's been chronically ill for a few years now, I sympathize. Nothing worse than trying to get back on your feet, literally.

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on finally starting to shake off that nasty illness. I hope you continue to recover, & now that it's truly summer (at least by the solar calendar) I hope your road to recovery is exponentially expedited. Please do everything in your power to make this so.

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... both on the mend and back at MLM. Smile

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What they said...

I'd put the icon up, but I the "more" window only shows the first set of extras and I can't scroll down.

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and to hear that you're one the mend. I was starting to fear that pneumonia had gotten the better of you. nasty illness it is.

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And I hope you get better quickly.

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Welcome back! I had pneumonia two years in a row, and the second time I was too exhausted to even lift a book to read in bed. I'm still trying to gain back my last 20 pounds.

It is wonderful to hear that you have kicked the worst of it. Take care of yourself, and be patient. It can seem like a long way to a full recovery, but you will get there! Best of luck and health to you.

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And best of luck on the road to recovery

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Let me echo the sentiments of the others and say welcome back to the better side of health and on returning to the fold. We've tried keeping it up for you, but it's a lot of work.

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