First, a belated natal anniversary to Yeti, getting closer to the top of that hill...

And today to Mexican Seafood.

There's a restaurant in my area that specializes in mexican seafood. Tasty, but I liked the place better before they decided to specialize.

Anyway, happy birthday! :beer: Here's to long life, good health, and prosperity!

Wait, Mexican Seafood isn't old enough for a beer yet. Banghead Here's a soda...

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Have an awesome day, MS!

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I hope it's wonderful! Party

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It could be a mug of root beer. Also, I'm going to have Mexican Radio stuck in my head today.

FYI, since mine is coming up in July, bourbon for me Blum 3

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I hope you both have wonderful days! Smile

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Belated for Yeti, late in the day for Mexican Seafood.

Mmm, fish tacos.

Also, Barq's in a tall mug looks like Dos Equis.

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hppy brthdy. (I'm out of money...can't buy vowels) Party

(TBG: "oh my god. you're so lame")

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You kinda are . . . Wink

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Happy Birthday

May it be a year filled with joys that far out number the sorrows & stress that life can bring.

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The first time I read this I completely missed that I was in there somewhere [I could have sworn I clicked the birthday-hidey option] and skipped straight to craving paella.

Thank you again!

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