Friday update: No Saturday chapter?

  • Posted on: 2 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

It's a big chunk of change still to go for the Saturday chapter target--$44 by midnight. And this is NOT a call for two certain someones who shall go unnamed but know who they are to drop a wad of cash on me! One particular someone may have his money returned if he does it because he's giving me too much. (Pacing, dear, pacing!)

No, it's time for the rest of you to pony up a buck. If you want a Saturday story, that is. If not, that's fine; I've got a stack of books I want to read. If there is a Saturday story, it won't be until late in the day tomorrow. But the target deadline is still tonight.


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No more donating for you for a while, TGC! Wink
C'mooooon people! Even if you're broke you can still do bookmarking or one of the other marketing things. Smile

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I know it's not much, but I promised that if I got a job, I would donate. I don't start for 2 weeks, but I got a job yesterday... with benefits no less! So here is my buck. Consider a small way to spread the good fortune I've been blessed with... at least until the blessings start showing up in my own bank account. Wink

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Most High

Heartfelt dollars are just as important to me as wads o' cash. Thank you. Smile

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even if i wanted to i don't have a wad of cash like that laying around. But seriously guys. we have 77 registered members. If half of you donate just ONE dollar we get a saturday chapter. PLEASE.....I need my fix. I don't think i can make it to next Tuesday.

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I'm feeling just a bit contrary, so I'm donating $32. If anyone else wants to donate the last $1, that's fine, otherwise I'm happy to give our esteemed writer a break for the weekend. ~_^

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heh, good thing I donated, then! But really, the target needs to stop going up all the time

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Most High

Readership has gone up in the last few weeks and the target has gone up in reaction. We did almost $100 last week--a few dollars shy--and minus the overflow from last week's target, I was actually asking for less than $10 more this week than last week. But next week's target will be $100, and it'll stay there until it's wildly overshot (which it was last week).

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