Hm, lessee, me? Nontrad college student, kinkster, blogger, geek. My blog just turned 7, I recently gave up on WPA in Gentoo, and my boyfriend is sweet enough to go without sleep for 36 hours to make sure I'm okay. Speaking of sleep, I'm going to see if I can rustle some up now.

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but can I ask what 'WPA in Gentoo' is and why you would need to be watched for?


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WPA is an encryption scheme for wireless networks (WLAN) that is newer and better than the bad and broken WEP, Gentoo is a Linux distribution.

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*grins* Sure. WPA is, as the person below commented, an encryption scheme for wifi. Gentoo is Gentoo Linux, an operating system which is a distribution of the Linux kernel. Linux in general doesn't play very nicely with encryption on wireless, and my wireless card is poorly supported.
My boyfriend was being very sweet to watch me overnight because I have mono and keep waking up in pain but too tired to do anything about it...I collapsed on the kitchen floor one night recently and he made sure I got water/rest/snuggles. Yep, he's a keeper.

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Erm, yes, the above would be me.

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