Santa Olivia

Anyone read Santa Olivia by Jaqueline Carey yet? I just finished it yesterday. I liked it a lot, even though it's not the kind of style I would have expected myself to like. It's very different from the Kushiel books, very raw, and small, close but not close. And even though it had a definite ending, and not really an open ending, it doesn't feel like an ending.
I would certainly recommend this book.

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... but I haven't bought it yet. It sounds interesting enough, and the sample chapter on her web site doesn't exactly drive me away (as it did for the Sundering books), but I still can't bring myself to actually order it quite yet. No idea why, but I'm certainly open to persuasion.

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I really thought the Sundering books were boring. I bought the second because I had the first, but after more than a year, I still haven't read it. This is nothing like the sundering books. I couldn't stop reading, I think I finished it in one day.

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