Are we EVER going to get out of the Temple?!

  • Posted on: 1 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I'm beginning to wonder myself. I really want to wrap up this little debauch and get back to the rest of the story, but there's so much going on in this segment to tell you! I just can't cut it short. I think 34 will wrap things up. I hope. I thought 32 would wrap things up, and I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

In any event, when we return to the Keep we'll find the rest of the story waiting for us and I promise to give you a big chunk of Warin and Emmae soonest. In the words of Mr Pepys, "And so to bed."


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With as hawt (sic) as the temple goings-on are, why on earth would we *want* to leave?!

In all seriousness, though, don't try to force it. The story wants to be told. Trying to shoehorn it into some preconceived notion of "we need to be done in the Temple by Chapter 32" is - to be frank - needlessly limiting. A editor might be chomping at the bit, grumbling about such old-fashioned restraints as page count, but you have neither an editor nor limited space.

Remember: AE's Tales of MU is pushing what? 300 chapters, and a few hundred thousand words, and she's hasn't even gotten past the first MONTH of classes in Mackenzie's freshman year!

So relax. Dim the lights, set up some candles, and let the story flow.

Me? I'm going outside into Michigan's lovely 52 degree mid-morning (in $&%^# MAY) to cool off. Suddenly it's a bit warm in here...

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Please, there is no need to rush us out of the temple yet. Even though I would love to find out what happened/is happening with Emmae, Hildin and Warrin, Temmin's character growth is just as important and interesting, if not more so.

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It's not as thought what is going on in the Temple isn't interesting ;). So much deliciousness... it would be a shame to rush any of what is turning into an absolutely delectable part of the story }:)

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Teacher's promised Temmin some time off post-Temple.... whew, after smexiness like that, we'll be glad of the between-chapter break for some cooldown. Or perhaps wild monkey sex with our own SOs. At any rate, no need to rush it over!

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don't change a thing. unless you think you should. but only then. do what you feel. Its times like these I wish I had a signifigent other to share with. *Dons his trademark gray cap with lovers pin and heads out into the wild blue to find a signifigent other*

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Your pain, that is. Wink

Reading this story as a single lady in a dorm makes for many frustrated evenings. No partner and no privacy. Bah.

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