woohoo! chapter 4!

  • Posted on: 5 March 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Don't get used to this, you guys, I tend to work in gushes. Smile People are already starting to speculate in the comments, which tickles me to pieces.

Still no sex. I'm building towards it. I promise.

More observant folks may note that I've taken the words "erotic" and "erotica" out of descriptions and advertising for the site. It's just not the direction the story is going in. I've started to think of myself as a fantasy writer who leaves the good bits in rather than an erotica writer using a fantasy setting.

Egads, she's rubbing off on me.


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I found my way here from Tales of MU and was immediately hooked. My only complaint is that there isnt a new chapter to read every time I log in Smile Keep up the great work, you've become a favorite morning past time for me and I love the story

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Most High

I'm writin' as fast as I can! Smile Today is a dedicated writing day, where I go to a special writing place and do nothing but, for a few hours. So maybe chapter 5 tonight or tomorrow. I never know for sure.

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