The other Gods...

Aside from Farr...or at least this question has to actually do with all the Gods anyway, would we see what it is going to be like serving at thier temples like the way Temmy is doing with the lovers? I know we are going to have Farr day coming up but it be nice to see how the devoters to all the temples go through their day etc...if we cannot find out anything then meh, I'm fine with the lovers anyway. Wink

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Not all at once, and maybe not quite this direct, but if the backlog of bonus stories ever burns down and we start asking more, they'd be excellent for questions like this.

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Well, I have been thinking of auctioning off my guaranteed points story (as I did before) once I have enough points, so maybe you should start saving your loose change now Smile

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I hope to get enough points for a story soon, I want something saucy. Wink

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