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So, this idea has been kicked around before, but not really acted on. The BPAL forums have a suggestions (for scents) area, and I'm thinking we should suggest MLM scents.

So what do our dear characters smell like?

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Temmin - Leather and horses
Ellica - baby powder
Allis & Issak - Sex, good, clean, sex
Teacher - Slightly musty
Connin - rum
Sedra - roses
Senks - Starch & stew

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From previous posts in this thread:

TheBoy wrote:
Temmin smells like lots of food, horses, sawdust, and occasionally either blood or secks--depends on if he's been hanging out at the temple or with Fen?

fairnymph wrote:
Neya smells like... earth, greenery, honeysuckle, pinks, sweet peas , white roses and gardenias, freesias and tuberose, the scent of the incense, fruits, apples, pears and berries.

MeiLin wrote:
Canonical smells...If you want to think of them that way!

Ansella smells of white roses, amber and honey musk.

Teacher smells of wool, sandalwood, lemon peel

"underneath, [Issak] smelled something dusty, ancient and almost feral--something compelling and frightening at the same time."

Arta smells like clean cat just in from the outdoors, fur and hay.

Nerr is rich woods and amber, and something bitter far underneath.

Emmae early in her story smells of "fresh air on skin, campfire smoke, roses and lavender, and warm girl."

Harla's Hill in Tremont smells of clean, wet stone and centuries of incense.

Whithorse smells of wind, broom, heather, and sweet herbs crushed under a horse's hooves.

Those are the ones that came up in search.

And Fairnymph imagines Teacher smelling like Aziraphale and Harsin smelling like Galvanic Goggles (BPAL).

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Sedra smells like sage or thyme, or maybe a smidgen of rosemary, but I can see her being a rose with an accent of one of those herbs.

Ellika smells like a sparkling champagne and boysenberries, and maybe grapefruit.

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I think Sedra would be something earthier with a hint of rose.

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I agree on you about Ellika. She needs a light sweet fruit or floral element. Pea blossom, lilac, a hint of sweet apple or maybe fresh strawberries and sugar. Something like baby powder or other light cosmetic scent would also fit.

Sedra definitely needs something a bit heavier, to match her desire for dignity. Doesn't have to be terribly complex, though.

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What would Jenk's scent be??? I have a hard time imagining one for him. I wouldn't be surprised if he occasionally uses a bit of tasteful, masculine cologne. In his younger days, I could see him selling a lot like Temmin's leather, horses, outdoors, and healthy man. As the valet, bodyguard, and father-figure to the Heir, though, he deserves something a bit more complicated than just "stable".

Brinnid! Sea salt is an obvious possibility, but it would need more because he isn't just a sailor. Coconut comes to mind, for some reason.

Britt Aneen... um, what combines motherly/comfy with sexy? Women's skin musk, fresh baked bread, and honey?

Twenna used to wear what-his-name's custom No. 5 in-story. Now, maybe some sort of non-rose floral. Peonies and tears?

Arta - freshly laundered clothing dried in the sunshine and whatever herbal/floral rinse she uses on those ruddy curls Smile

Bren is obvious - clean grease and damp metal Wink

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Capriox wrote:
Britt Aneen... um, what combines motherly/comfy with sexy? Women's skin musk, fresh baked bread, and honey?

... but it misses a note or two. I'd say we need a hint of something sharp and spicy underneath it all to round out Britt's scent.

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maybe sea salt.

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Wouldn't that be more of a dry scent than a sharp one?

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To me, sea salt would be tangy.

Also, I was just skimming the Salon section at BPAL ( when one of the scents jumped out at me as a strong candidate for Brinnid: The Sailor's Den.

Orris, bay rum, palm, coconut meat, oak wood, tobacco, linen, blue lilac, and leather..

Maybe swap out the palm for something a bit less tropical and a bit more kingly? And the notes of tobacco and bay-rum should be of high-end varieties of those products, of course.

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Temmy would at least smell like food and horses, And Allis would get some foral/sexual scent, same with her brother.

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hint of sharp & spicy could be either rosemary or thyme?

Brinnid would be Sea salt, Lavender & sage.

Harsin would be Sandalwood, Myrrh, & Heather. I can't picture him wearing anything that wasn't costly & "manly".

Connin, I agree would smell of rum but of horses, fresh air, and fresh cut hay as well. He's very out-doorsy as well as self gratifying.

Sedra, I can see smelling of heather & wild roses with hints of citrus for a cleanly female scent that is mildly sophisticated without steeping out of her culture's expectations for an unmarried princess.

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