¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy birthday Frog Princess! Hope all is well and your hangover tomorrow is mild...

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お誕生日おめでとうございますよ! Biggrin Enjoy yourself!

On another note, we're going to have a TON of people with b-days tomorrow...

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You're right before the onslaught that is May 8th. Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday FP!

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...maybe I should have said יום הולדת שמח


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Today is definitly a highlight of what was a bad couple of weeks. Two and something weeks ago, a suspicious spot was seen on my yearly mammogram, and more tests were requiered. It's probably a completely bening calcifycation, but being a cancer survivor as I am, the doctors ring the alarm. The biopsy is scheduled for 14 of the month. Only when it's done and the results are in I'm going to have peace of mind. So obviously I was going a little crazy in the last couple of weeks. Still, today was a relatively good one, I'm trying to enjoy my birthday anyway. Sorry for a somewhat grim post in response to all the wishes.

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Most High

I know how scary that sort of thing hanging over one's head can be. Best wishes for your biopsy, and in the meantime--well, I'd say, "relax," but a) I know how hard that is and b)I know how annoying that is. Smile We're here.

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To quote Boxy Brown from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, "Uh, Happy Birthday, Uh uh, Happy Birthday, birthday!"

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Happy Birthday

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