Gluten free Mexican/Irish mashup

I'll be visiting one of my friends soon for a potluck "Uno de Mayo/Beltane" party (on the first instead of 5th of May, you see). Most folks attending have gluten problems, and the food theme is somewhere between Mexican and Irish.

I don't have a lot of the pretty flours and stuff to make gluten-free baked goods--and baked goods is what I'm good at--so the main thing I'm looking at making is this Mexican chocolate bark.

However, if you were going to make food in this vein, what would you make? How would you replace tortillas, mainly?

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Most High

What kind of a gringo are you! Good corn tortillas like Quetzalcoatl intended! Wink

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My SO was thinking about making these little "pinwheel" things, like a wrap-sammich cut into slices--finger food. For that we think we'd need the flexibility of a flour tortilla. I suppose a super-fresh corn tortilla would work, right? = P

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from a tortilleria. Real, fresh, mexican style tortillas. The are more flexible than what you can get at the grocery store, and so much tastier!

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I make really good flour tortillas, but have yet to make corn ones. Ok, I did help make them once in Mexico, but haven't done it since. It really requires a tortilla press and I don't have one. Perhaps I should get one.

That said, Yay! I just hit 200 points! Glad I did it with something to actually say. May not have been much, but would have said it anyway Biggrin

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Yea! Shiney new badges!!

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'grats on the new shiny!

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wouldn't it be prima de mayo or something like that? I am pretty sure it would be first, not one.

good luck with the chocolate! I am a lover of the gluten so I can't help:(

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...From a Spanish standpoint, not a Mexican standpoint, Cinco de Mayo is just "Five of May," not literally "Fifth," so while "Primer de Mayo" makes more sense in some ways (namely that you don't usually say, "Hoy es el uno de mayo," but "Hoy es el primer de mayo"), "Uno" would be equally appropriate. That and it seems like house rules Cinco de Mayo anyway!

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Primer is technically more correct, but it isn't "quinto de mayo," even in Mexico. It is "cinco de mayo." So, either way could be used I guess. Typically, I do hear dates using the number, not the ordinal, in Spanish. Not sure how correct it is. But then, native English speakers seldom speak correctly, so why should native Spanish speakers be expected to?

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In French they use the ordinal for the first and the number for the rest of the month (ex. le premier mai v. cinq mai), IIRC. I don't really know any Spanish, so I don't know if they do the same.

(After a quick google search it looks like they use the ordinal only on the first, also.)

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I was engaged to a guy who's sister was gluten free and LOVED to cook- she created a web page with some of her recipies, as well as comments on good gluten free products...
Go check it out, even as a gluten (and meat, she happens to also be vegitarian) eater I have never been disappointed by her cooking...

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So of course I click save without double checking... www.beyondcelery.NET

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Thanks for the link, Trillian. And while you're at it, why don't you sign up for an account? Then you can go back and edit your posts (as long as no one's replied to it yet), and earn points for contributing to the forums Wink

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