So I got something in the mail today...

Do you people know how crazy amazing you are?

A brief update: I really wanted to go to the Webcomics Weekend & MeiLin meetup last month, but air-headedly bought my tickets for the wrong weekend.
V, kawaiikune, applejax, and scrapper went to great lengths to give me the meet-up portion, which was awesome in and of itself.

Then today. A small package. Kawaiikune. Sketches! Jeph Jacques! RK Milholland! I can't type complete sentences because I'm trying to convey how excited I am! RK Milholland himself wished I could use a calendar properly!

Thank you!

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Most High

Even I didn't get a packet like that! Wink That's so, so awesome. This is the first I heard about it, though I was in on the surprise meet-up.

I am constantly saying what amazing readers I have. This proves it. You guys are terrific.

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You got them! I know the mail is pretty reliable, but I'm always skeptical that when I drop a package into the little blue box, it will actually come out at the other side. It always seems like magic to me when it gets through to the right person, out of all the million pieces of mail in the system.

I just can't wait for next'll have to come meet them all then, and Randy and Jeph will probably even know who you are. Smile

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It really made my day (week?) to get those, especially the little personalized note from Randy Smile I think I need a frame!

I really hope next year works out!

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I wondered how long it would take for you to get them. We were happy to do it, and Jeph and Randy seemed genuinely sad that you couldn't make it. Next year, definitely!

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I am so glad that two of my favorites were so friendly and awesome. I just wish I had been there!

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Randy made himself a new reader. Very cool guy--he knows who he is, he knows where he stands, he speaks intelligently and with insight and he couldn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of him. His default is "marginally polite" but if you irritate him then he has absolutely no compunction about ripping into you }:)

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Were you able to irritate him personally, or did you just witness it with someone else? Blum 3

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I just picked the feeling up while talking to him--the way he acted towards us, and his discussions about email or forum exchanges. Like the guy claiming some sort of high status within Wicca who took deep offense to one comic. Randy posted about their exchange and a chunk of his readership, Wiccan and otherwise, apparently responded--with most of the Wiccan responses being of the "STFU you make us look bad!" variety. Said guy responded by posting on a bunch of Wiccan message boards screaming about the sky falling and trying to incite something. "Two can play at that game" etc. Randy apparently got 6-8 flames in his email, half of whom did a "OOPS! My bad!!" when they were enlightened about the actual situation.

And Randy's readership got a roughly 3k/daily bump, long-term. Yes, he gloated a little bit }:) I don't think it would be hard to irritate him but I would hate to do so just for my own amusement.

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Glad to hear they made your day! There's always next year and now you have something to really look forward to and something to laugh at Smile I loved the one about the calendar, too funny! He was a riot!

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