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  • Posted on: 29 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

OK, Historians--oh, btw, I've decided you guys are Historians--OK, Historians, a question for you. Do we need a forum, or do you want to keep the conversations in the comments and on the blog? A forum is the work of a moment. mad teck skillz, i has dem.


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i'm all in favor for a forum. yay for forums.

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I probably wouldn't use a forum (I'm just not that organized, or likely to navigate away from the chapter itself), but I'd be up for a comments link next to each chapter, for easier reference. Or, I suppose, an autogenerated forum thread for each chapter, and linked to it, wouldn't be so bad, as it solves the problem of people who are uninterested in a full forum but still want to comment on the story. Plus then there would be a point of reference for larger discussions/speculations (with their own topic threads) so that the forum doesn't simply rehash things every chapter.
Sorry if this sounds a bit rambly, I'm only now having my first coffee of the day!

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Most High

that if we had a forum, it would be for NON-chapter-related comments--broader thoughts, related topics, and off-topic. I want chapter-related comments attached firmly to chapters, thank you. SmileSmile

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I'm not sure I'd follow the forums, but that's not to say you shouldn't "haz" them.

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would be lovely. Smile

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I agree that chapter comments should be attached to the chapters. But a forum for non-chappy related stuff would be nice. ^_^

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