Tuesday morning update: Live chapter, Twitter, x-points, etc.

  • Posted on: 29 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Down the list:

  • Chapter 32 is live. Chapter 33 is underway and should be ready for midnight Wed/Thurs, Pagg willin' and the creek don't rise.
  • You guys are only five Twitter followers and/or six Pages Unbound reviews away from an extra chapter. Don't spam PU, and be sure to check out the many other fine serials as long as you're there.
  • Scarth and Sarianna got x-points for twitter-following. If you do one of the marketing targets tell me in the comments for that target and you will get an x-point.
  • Poll! Check the right sidebar or go here to tell us how you found the story.

And finally...all you US folks, did you get a tax refund, or are you making plans for that economic stimulus tax rebate we're getting soon? If the "History" has given you any stimulus, return the favor--take some of that moolah and donate! Biggrin

Ooh, one thing, I lied: We have a new advertiser, Copperheart, an Etsy store with GORGEOUS stuff. If you know me and are contemplating presents for my upcoming birthday, you could do worse. No necklaces, please. The rest of you, go buy stuff and say thanks for advertising. Smile


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Sorry i havn't checked in. been swamped with work and my date. The date...well the date went ok i suppose...not likely to be a second date (we're both looking for different things in a relationship.) but thats ok cuz i made a new friend. Haven't gotten my stimulus check yet but when i do you know i got some set aside for you Smile .
Also haven't read chapter 31 or 32 yet cuz all the text on the site is font size 52 for some reason on my screen. wondering if thats something on my end or on your end. once text is back to reasonable size i'll check out the updates. As always keep up the good work.

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Most High

52 pts! EEK! What operating system and OS? Anyone else seeing this? I'll email you.

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somehow the font size for the page got set to maximum. Scaled it back and everything is back to normal. *goes off to read chapters*

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