How did you find the story?

  • Posted on: 29 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin


Voyeur's picture

A friend who is IN LOVE with this story highly recommended it to me, and now I'm hooked! Gee, thanks Blum 3

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Found the link to this site embedded in an icon on the bpal forums.. sry, cant recall who the icon belonged to :?

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Most High

I'm a BPAL forum member! Biggrin

teehee's picture


I will have to say the ads on ToMU were what brought me here. I clicked reluctantly after staring at the S-shape of the woman's body on right side of AE's page because I didn't want to succumb to advertisements, but I am glad I did. I like your writing style, elegant with a touch of fantasy and tension.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

the nekkid ladee. That's why she's there. Sadly, it's also why I have to include a link to teh secks on the front page so people see there really is some; the first six chapters, not so much, and then we make with the non-con for a while.

Trystia's picture

To be perfectly honest, the whole bit about sex almost kept me from even starting, despite being such a big fan of ToMU. It sort of made it sound like the story was more about sex than about an engaging plotline and highly interesting setting.

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I read a wide variety of webcomics (upwards of 20), and I believe I got here by clicking on an ad banner. I randomly do that for a little more variety and am I ever glad that I did - I'm completely hooked! Smile

Edit: I just clicked off this site to check one of the webcomics and there was the Greater Kingdom ad on the side of the page!! It came from if you were curious.

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No-one came here via Eros Blog?! That's... INCONCEIVABLE!

I mean, Eros Blog must have a metric shit ton of readers... The statistics, they fail.

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Most High

I took out an ad, they didn't click.

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Looks like im one of the few, the proud, the something positiver's! Lets hear it for Choo Choo Bear!

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I'm a reader of SP (though I'll admit he pisses me off sometimes) but I didn't get here from it. I'm the first poster in response to this poll Biggrin Oh the days of Voyuer... Blum 3

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I read both S*P and ToMU but I honestly don't remember which I finally linked from. I usually browse the web with half a dozen other things going on and I often read text heavy stories with just the text visible under a bunch of layered windows, so it was definitely a horizontal banner that got me. I remember the nekkid ladee from the first few days she showed up in the margin of ToMU but there is something about the hint of a small banner ad that always appeals to me more than larger, flashier ads.

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