San Diego Comic Con

I know it's a couple months away, but 4-day passes and sat. passes are already sold out, and the other days will probably be sold out well before the con starts. I was wondering if any of you fine people were planning on going to SD Comic Con, because I'm already planning to go and a meet up would be super special awesome. The con is July 23-26 and preview night is the 22, but unless you have a 4-day pass or are a volunteer you can't go to preview night.

that's just the basic info, since it is kind of early. if anyone wants to look at the website for the (long) list of people who will be there, you can have a link:

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I hate Comic Con LOL! I live in San Diego, and I wish they would move it somewhere else already... The traffic becomes unmanageable and avoiding downtown that entire weekend is necessary for sanity.

I am not a big fan of disruption in my life.

Ok sorry, I HAD to vent about that.

I hate Comic Con.

Have fun, though!

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I'm from San Diego too, and even though I like Comic Con it really is a pain in the ass getting around when it's going on. it's getting so crowded that it almost isn't worth it anymore Blush I hate going downtown on normal days, so I usually take the trolley when I go to Comic Con because driving is like fucking suicide. It's a zillion times worse when there's a ballgame on one of the Comic Con days. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to build a baseball stadium in downtown.

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