Check-in: Extra points awarded, targets neared, chapter almost done

  • Posted on: 28 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Chapter 32 is on track for midnight. We will be returning to Emmae, Warin and Hildin I think in chapter 34 or possibly 33, we'll see where the story takes us. As we've discovered, I don't always know. Smile

We are now up to 70 registered users; 30 more and you get an extra update. Cool thing is I recognize a lot of the new names--welcome to my various listfriends and Thrillahs. Now that the points system is in place, you guys will earn extra points for the marketing targets too if you're registered. Link to the site, for instance, and get five points. They're awarded by hand, so patience with me.

Speaking of which, SongCoyote got awarded 10 points for the filk s/he wrote (sorry SC, not clear on your gender), and Katie got another10 for taking out ads. Katie's now at the top of the leaderboard (not counting me) at 42 and is mere points away from scoring the first bonus-by-request; when you get 50 points, you get to pick any character in the story (existing characters ONLY) and ask a question. Then I'll write a little bonus story, 300-1000 words-ish depending. I promise I will always answer the question. I just might not answer it the way you want me to. :evil: I'm excited about doing that, so Katie, take out another ad or something. Biggrin


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Dang, I'll have to give that some thought. :O I dunno who I'd ask a question about, let alone what question!
What if the question is something you don't want answered yet, because it will be answered later in the storyline?

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Most High

Not that I'd answer it to your satisfaction. Wink

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Do we get points for following you on Twitter? If yes, I'm taurnil.

On a completely different note, how many unique visitors do you get per day? (I ask both because I'm curious and because you seen tech savvy enough to have a counter somewhere... Lol

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Most High

I hafta go to bed, so ping me if I haven't given you a point by noonish tomorrow or so.

Unique visits, yes, I am teh massiv tecksavvy, lemme go look...*rummage rummage*

Let's see, 1,874 absolute uniques in the last 7 days, divided by 7...around 268 absolute uniques a day, 636 visitors considered as a whole a day in that same time frame. Not too bad for 8 weeks or so on the air, but I want to triple that in the next six months.

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I'm curious as to how much that count has grown in the last week, though it would probably be better to tell us next week, after the influx has quieted and those who are going to stick around, do.
Um...5 points to go! Am I allowed to ask for ideas? See what other people want to have answered?

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Thank you for the filk award! It was most generous. I shall have to find other ingenious ways to earn points so that I, too, may be graced with a "private" story.

And as to my gender, I prefer to leave it ambiguous for a variety of reasons, not least being that it's fun! Besides, given free wishes for powers, my second or third would be the ability to shapeshift... including gender Wink

Light and laughter,

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