Stumptown Comics Fest, Portland

I will be attending (but not exhibiting at) the 6th Annual Stumptown Comics Fest here in Portland April 18th and 19th. It'll be at the Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel. TONS of creators and workshops. I hope to have a table next year, but I don't this year.


That doesn't mean we can't meet up! If anyone's attending, or thinking of attending, I'd be glad to host a meetup.

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And will you have a videocon with...wait...nevermind >.>

I'm still plotting how to get you onto a train some time. "Edited Book 3 release" sounds about right. :whistle:

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Is that the one downtown close to the univeristy? I stayed there for a confrence about a decade ago...

ETA: I'm not thinking it is. Sounds familiar though...

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Most High

You mean PSU? No, the closest hotels to there are downtown. Lloyd Center is in close-in NE Portland, just across the river from downtown. It's on the MAX line, in fact the airport MAX stops at Lloyd Center.

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If I were free that weekend, I would suggest we meet up out here, and webcam to you out there so we can all see each other, but I can't that weekend anyway Sad

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