Webcomics Weekend Graphics?

OK you guys, what kinds of things do you want me to make for you to print out?

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Preferably in an 8x11 format. Something I could throw on the thumb drive, take to a Staples, and say "I'd like a few pages of these on your business card stock". Something simple...IHOTGK, the MLM logo, and a link. I'm torn on whether it should have a spot for my referral # in the link--I'm thinking no, as otherwise it seem like I had a vested interest, that I was trying to make $$ or something. I wouldn't want them to approach looking for the "hook".

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Did everyone here manage to register for NEWW? One of the other comics I read posted a "Ack they decided to register people and hey lookit that they filled up" notice. Didn't know if people here had seen?

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We knew but thanks for the heads-up Biggrin They've been overwhelmed by the response and are working their butts off to accommodate folks...I remain hopeful Smile

....plus I got on both the list and the transportation list, so they can't kick me out }:)

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Business cars would be great. Also, I didn't think about that, what with the referral, but you're right, maybe it would be better not to have that on there. A little half-page, suck-you-in kind of thing might not be bad either. Maybe a particularly awesome excerpt from the story, pre-empted by a brief synopsis of what the story is all about? You could even extract a "what people are saying" sort of thing from the comments on here. Find some positive feedback and use that to point out how awesome this really is.

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perhaps your best one-sentence tagline for the back of the cards? Either a quotation from commentary, or a quotation from the text. Even a concise summary...
or the intrigue, magic, sex trio...

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Make up a one-page, or better yet, a half-page introduction--something that we can print out as a flyer (handouts and billboards!) rather than just a business card. I'm seeing something in glossy laser-printed color that looks like the rich yellow parchment of the site--possibly designed to look like an old-fashioned scroll.

Something with your logo/name (from the top of the site) worked in with "An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom" instead of the PW banners, then the following (stolen from your start page):

An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom follows the story of a royal family as it is told to the latest and possibly last heir to its throne. This is the history the history books leave out—royal loves and lusts that changed the course of events.

This is a story for grown-ups; there are sexual themes and situations, much like real life. If you are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, this is not your story.

(Then the intro paragraphs from here.)

Book One: The Tale of Two Kingdoms

"I promise you that you know me," said Warin in a loud voice. "I am Warin, Prince of Tremont, eldest son of Gethin, and...

Book Two: The Queen...
Macca spat...

Book Three: The Last...
"Your majesty!"

(bigger, at the very bottom)

The saga continues weekly free and online at www.meilinmiranda.com

Dang, I wish I was better with graphics and things--I can totally see this in my head, and it's great Biggrin

Another variation--use the same graphic but put a bunch of vertical tear-off strips at the bottom of the page with "www.meilinmiranda.com" written sideways. They're designed to be posted around college campuses and such with the strips cut vertically so people can tear them off instead of having to write down the site. Know what I mean? If not, I can explain further.

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write your referral link on the back of the card after talking to the person and explaining what it was--if you had a full conversation with them. Just keep your referral # handy.

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Most High

that can be used as a tear-off on bulletin boards, and I'll do up a non-tear-off to hand out at WCW. It'll be a full page b/w (cheap to repro) in the style of the anniversary tee, to wit:

Told in weekly installments, free for the edification of the public!

That's just part of it. Now I'm trying to write a longer synopsis of what the damn thing is about and keep it in 19th century style.

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