Never was good at these...

Always find it hard to describe myself, but here goes i guess.

Unemployed, 22-year old man from Denmark, planning on eventually taking a university grade as a multi-media programmer, with focus on games. Like martial arts, games, Roleplaying and books, particular Fantasy genre. I love debating, arguing and discussing a wide range of topics including politics, religion, ethics, moral codes, well, just about anything subjective you can think of. I like to think i'm very openminded, though i can be a bit stubborn at times. Must say i find MeiLin's work quite fascinating, read through the whole thing in one go after i stumbled on it, and is already jonesing for the next chapter. I tend to be rather shy around new communities and people, so i probably won't be very active for a while, though eventually i might be all over the place once i settle in.

Oh yeah, and i got Asperger's syndrome to a degree that i'm more or less incapable of emotion, so kindly excuse the odd weirdness.

Looking forward to meeting all you interesting people, eventually.

Chris from Denmark

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Make yourself at home.

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Nice to meet you!

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hi! welcome!

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It's so cool that you live in Denmark! I have always wanted to go to Denmark.

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kawaiikune wrote:
It's so cool that you live in Denmark! I have always wanted to go to Denmark.

Thank you for the warm welcome Smile Personally i don't find Denmark all that interesting, but i suppose i might be biased, what with living here Wink If you're curious about anything regarding the country, feel free to ask.

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I went to Sweden, but flew through Copenhagen...somewhere along the way, the group I was with went to Tivoli, an amusement been?

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Glad you could join us all!

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Most High


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I read an ethnography about Denmark once. The anthropologist was a bit of a failure (it was why she was writing the book--to show what not to do) but I did glean that Denmark has awesome baked goods and a very nice process for handling pregnancies....

So, you obvliously must tell us how to make awesome cookies. I-m so happy

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Well, i admittedly do not know a lot about foreign baking, but we certainly do seem to do a good bit of it here in Denmark. Heck, there's actually a type of baked good called a "Danish" I'll be sure to dredge up some danish cookie recipes for ya an add it to the list Smile

As for Tivoli, well, it's right next to the central station, so if you ever visit copenhagen by train, it will be easy to find. If you were on a plane i asume you were flying over Kastrup, which is one of the outer parts of the city.

Tivoli is a bit old-fashioned in my oppinion, but it's very cozy in its own way, and it does have some cool stuff. There's the Tivoli concert hall, where they show plays, and comedy shows and such. They do some pretty awesome fireworks too sometimes. They close it down in the winter, but instead they use the space to host a sort of christmas-market. They fill up the whole place with stands where you can buy all sorts of christmas-related stuff, including some nice snacks, like sugar-glazed almonds and stuff. I'd definitely recommend it if you consider visiting Smile

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Nice to meet you. Personally, I think you did a great job of introducing yourself. It sounds like we've got a lot in common; Game programming, Roleplaying, Fantasy Books (I read nothing else), arguing, Aspergers, openmindedness. Wow... heh.

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an unexpected, although pleasant, surprise to meet a fellow aspie here. Least i'll not be alone in my strangeness then Wink

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Welcome and greetings. I think you'll find that all manner of oddness is welcome here.

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