Chapter 27 going live at midnight PDT

  • Posted on: 16 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I've been saying that y'all will hate me after chapter 27. I was wrong. You're going to hate me after chapter 28. Wink This one is on the short side, but 28 is on the long side, so it all balances out. Saturday's chapter is well under way, about 2/3rds finished.

Other news:

--We're almost halfway to completing our membership target--48/100ths of the way there, to be exact. Remember that the marketing challenges do count toward extra chapters and they cost you nothing, so please take a minute and go through them if you haven't already.

--Are you a regular contributor? Do you mean to be, but forget? I've made it easy for you to subscribe and send $1 or $5 a week (or $5 or or $10 a month) via PayPal. One of you, and I won't say who, sends me $1 every week like clockwork--at first with an apology because it was "only" a dollar. But I tell you, that weekly dollar means the world to me, because it's consistent and heartfelt. It's always lovely when someone drops $20 on me in a go, don't get me wrong. But I realize that'll probably be the only donation that person ever gives, and for all I know the person never stops in again (not likely, but hey). That weekly dollar means someone is still reading the story and loving it. And I love that. Smile You don't have to subscribe; it's just a convenience for those of you who are regularly donating. Subscriptions do count toward the Saturday target.

--Speaking of which, I have made a policy change on the targets. Any amount over and above the weekly target gets rolled into the next week's target. For instance, right now we're $26 over this week's target of $30. So we'll start the next target on Saturday at $26. I think we're going for $50 next week, folks. The whole thing has been very cheering after what has been a bad week for financial and personal news (sick friends). TGC said you guys might surprise me, and damned if he might not be right.

--Speaking of whom, thanks to TGC for buying me a copy of "Stardust." It's about time I read that. I now have a pile of stuff on the foothills of Mount Toberead that lie near my writing chair: "Stardust," "Good Omens," and Lady of Light and Shadows--a book/series that gives me hope for my own ambitions, let us say--as well as one last Georgette Heyer.

Brief preview of 28: If you hated Hildin before, you'll really hate him after. And now, to return to writing it, some light reading, some dinner-making, and after that, I may just henna my hair! squeal! It came in the last trade package I will be doing for a while at un-squeal. sigh. oh well! henna! squee!

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