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Okay, so we've talked about favorite cooking equipment, cook books, and the ever expanding list of recipes. We've talked all over about Alton Brown & Good Eats.

Now, what is your favorite Cooking show? Do you prefer the classic Julia, a PBS show? I mean wow, there's a whole channel with nothing but cooking shows and how many other shows on different channels. What'd you like any maybe a little about it?

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There was some mention of Iron Chef. But AB's on that too, at least for IS:America.

Obviously, Good Eats and Iron Chef are two of my favorites, but I love the Food Network Challenges and Ace of Cakes. My dad and sister saw that show and went "Psh! We can do that!" so they do. ^_^ I'll have to put pictures of the lobster cake up here at some point.

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a lot to contribute to this thread, since really the only cooking show I've ever seen is Good Eats (which I loved), but I'm looking forward to recommendations! I've been learning to cook a whole bunch of new things, and I would love to pick up a few cooking shows.

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For a long time, I didn't have cable and found a couple of shows on PBS. Though the only one that I grabbed my attention that I try to catch when I can is America's Test Kitchen (ATK).

What I like about it was that, in addition to makeing a couple recipies, they told you what they tried that didn't work as well.

There is the equipment corner where the showed a range of different brands of the same item and how they rated them along with price.

There was also the tasting corner where they did the same. Compared different olive oils, vinegars, etc. They have professional tastes do an eval and gave the results.

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Petitioner favorites are Take Home Chef, Barefoot Contessa, all of Giada's shows, all of Mario Batali's, Throw-down with Bobby Flay, and Cucina Sicilia.
I also like alot of other PBS shows but don't know their names.
Its hard for me to watch cooking shows without wanting to eat...even if I'm full

shows related to food that I love:
Kitchen Nightmares
Anthony Bourdain No Reservations
Top Chef
Hell's Kitchen
Iron Chef
Chef Jeff project, as hubby and I have eaten his cooking many times and can attest to his skills in the kitchen and his work ethic...he belongs on food network

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Most High

Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, No Reservations (all tangential but I don't care, they count). Molto Mario. Sarah Moulton's old live show on Food Network--I remember their first show after 9/11, I cried; they were the first show to come back on Food Network, which had been off the air in the aftermath, and they brought the whole crew out in front of the cameras, arms around each other's shoulders. Sometimes the challenges. Anything with Perfesser Brown. Julia's old show, the black and white one. I adored her. She was an AMAZING woman.

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Cooking are like sports for me. I love to do them, but I find watching boring.

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good eats, 30 minute meals, barefoot contessa, ace of cakes, everyday Italian, iron chef America, theowdown with bobby flay, and I think that's it. Oh and rescue chef.

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This guy cracks me up and his recipes seem pretty good too (haven't tried any yet, i live in a dorm so no kitchen. Sad panda T__T).

I don't really watch TV, so no favorite cooking show.

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Giada's D's cooking show absolutely amazes me. There are so many yummy things that she can make and they're quite easy. She's an adorable person too.

And of course there is Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef and I LOVE Paula Deen. She is the SOUTHERN BOMB. I was thinking of making trip from MD to GA... to eat in her restaurant. Some may call that stupid, but I will call that delicious.

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The original, of course.

Who can forget Battle Natto? Or the first time Bobby Flay was put in his place? Which, of course, spawned my ever-burning hatred of the pompous ass.

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Most High


I will always love the dubbing job they did on the show. The voice actors did a great job, especially the excitable floor commentator who'd always yell "Fukui-san!!!" Only the Japanese could have invented that show.

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I've got to agree with you; I've had no respect for him since the first time I saw him on iron chef. I can't believe he has risen as far as he has, especially since I've made a couple of recipes off of his shows and they were awful (and the moron tried to beat egg whites in a greased bowl!). The one that really got me though, was on one of his cooking shows when he went to one of his restaurants to raid the cooler for food for the show and the chef in charge kept telling him "we need that fish to feed the customers..." Flay took it anyway.

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Iron Chef is the best. Ever. I have the complete fan guide and it has some recipes with insane ingredients that I will someday try. I should post one here!

Other food shows? Since I don't watch TV much, I really don't know.

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I have to throw my two cents in.

I don't watch a whole lot of tv, let alone food tv, but when I do it's Good Eats or Triple D. That's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for you non-Guy loving... guys. I also try to catch Guy's Big Bite if I need some ideas. Unwapped and How'd That Get on my Plate round out my faves.

Also: Food Detectives = Mythbusters + food tv

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