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If I try to follow a "recent comment" link that is not on the first page of comments, the link goes to the beginning of the original post rather than to the comment itself. This only happens if the new comment is not on the first page. Is this normal or is this something related to using Firefox or just this poor old dinosaur that is masquerading as my computer?

(866mHz, 256KRAM, trying to run XP Pro... :jawdrop: I'm lucky the poor abused thing doesn't crash, but the worst it does is get really really slow sometimes) *pet-pets the dino*

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That computer sounds a lot like my laptop: 256 MB of ram, crap for a processor, tiny hard drive... I haven't had any problems with links with it, other than how slow it is (if I open up a thread with a lot of comments it's going to be awhile before it finishes loading). At least my desk top is a real computer or I'd lose all geek cred with my friends Smile

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My computer was real enough when I bought it... almost 7 years ago. I upgraded to an 80G harddrive and XP (it came with ME :sick: ), but I can't upgrade the processor; it's an HP. Reliable as the sunrise, but not upgradable. I could conceivably add more RAM, but right now, I'm lucky to pay my light bill and provider in order to be online at all.

I can live with the slow speed, but having to sift through 4 pages of comments for one new post is a major PITA.

PS-- And yes, I'll admit it, I'm also trying to get that magic 50th post. I've been a member for 46 weeks and my right side is still nekkid. Sad

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This one definitely doesn't qualify as real; I had to uninstall service pack 2 for XP because it completely locked up the computer (20 minutes to start, 10 more to get firefox started, and I don't even have much of anything installed on it). I don't know if it was ever a decent computer for that fact, since it was my mom's before she got a new one and sent this one to me when I was stuck in California for the summer with no computer. My mom may be fairly decent with computers but performance has never been something she really looked for Blum 3

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Most High

You have your comment preferences set incorrectly. If you look at the top of the comments you will see the following pull-down boxes:

--threaded expanded
--threaded collapsed
--flat expanded
--flat collapsed

--oldest comment first
--newest comment first

Number of comments per page
--range of options from 10 to 300

I recommend the base settings, which should be threaded expanded, oldest first, and 300 comments per page. Some of our threads are approaching 200 comments; you need to have things set at 300 comments per page or you will get that exact behavior.

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I only had to change the amount of comments per page... duh!!

Like I said in the Geek Soundoff thread... definitely not a geek.

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