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Web Novels and Serials

Digital Novelists
An initiative by yrs trly to bring free online fiction to readers, and quality web hosting and development to web novelists and serialists.
Web Fiction Guide
You can review the History here (please!), as well as find lots of other good online novels to read, all of it reviewed.
Online Novels
Another good place to find stuff to read.
A new magazine devoted to online fiction--good reading!
Bargain eBooks
Find ebooks in all genres under $5
The Peacock King
An illustrated web serial telling the story of a Poet, his sentient guns, and the despotic ruler he's trying to defeat.
Dark Matters
Post-apocalyptic gothy goodness.
A beautifully written fantasy slice-of-life serial about a noblewoman trying to retain her sanity in a restrictive world. Subtle, rich and sporadically updated. Don't let the dates confuse you; she's backdating so that the time of year and day of week in the story match up with the real world.
The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely
"Astonishing" ain't in it!
City of Roses
Set in my home town, this urban fantasy eschews the usual vampires and werewolves for an intelligent, erudite but accessible story of a world that exists beneath the already-weird veneer of Portland, Oregon. If you liked "Neverwhere," you'll like this.
The Flying Cloud
A ripping yarn with dirigibles!

Web Comics

(NSFW) Really hot erotica comics by some of the best female webcomic artists out there, including Gina Biggs of Red String.
Love in Idleness
No1 Daughter's webcomic about goth fairy Violet Jones, cheerful fairy Julian Robbit, his sister Sira, and the knomes who want to eat them. Yes, "knomes." One of them wears a chef hat. She's only 12 13 14; stick through the earlier chapters and watch her talent explode as she progressively improves. I am seriously proud of this kid. Note: She's on hiatus right now and will be starting the entire story over again soon.
Modest Medusa
A boy and his little snake-girl. As long as he feeds her chocodiles, the world is safe from her adorableness. (This is No1 Daughter's sorta-teacher.)
Friendly Hostility
Hilarious, character-driven magical realist story of two boys in love. Except that's not really what it's about. Just go read it, from the beginning. It's addictive. AND IT'S OVER! *sob*
Other People's Business
BUT! Sandra has gone on with this related comic, in which she has promised the "Hostility" characters will appear from time to time. Just started. That said, do go read the archive of Friendly Hostility. It's so very good.
A Prohibition tale of the Roaring '20s, told entirely with cats. AMAZING artwork.
Khaos Komix
Gay, bi and transgendered teens fall in love. Funny and sweet, but real.
SPQR Blues
"A Soap Opera with Swords and Sandals," set in a scrupulously researched Roman-era Pompeii, including The Volcano. And klio is updating again! huzzay!
Two Rooks
Alice Fox's futuristic action comic. Alice is the official imperial portraitist of the Greater Kingdom as well.
Goodbye Chains
An absolutely daft Western about a well-spoken ne'er-do-well named Banquo and the Irish communist revolutionary who loves him. One of my favorites.
Red String
A manga-style comic from the talented Gina Biggs.
Questionable Content
Jeph Jacques explores the 20-something indie world in a way that actually makes me care about the characters--and makes me laugh my ancient ass off.
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
EK Weaver's in-progress graphic novel about an Indian-American guy and a congenial stoner on a road trip across the country. Sometimes NSFW, always interesting.
Chester 5000 XYV (VERY NSFW)
Erotic comic about a girl and her sexbot. And her jealous husband. And the widder lady he tries to sell the sexbot to. Actually, this is a very sweet, very hot comic.
Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether
This is starting to shape up into a pretty interesting steampunk/fantasy comic. Great artwork.
Walking on Broken Glass
Werewolves, demons and every day office politics.

Web TV Series

Created specially for Felicia Day, who rocks my world with her adorably geeky self.

The Guild
A situation comedy about a guild of online gamers, starring Felicia Day (Dr Horrible's love, Penny). You MUST watch it. If it isn't about you, it's about people you know.
Animus Cross
An independently produced supernatural western series verging on horror.

Other Stuff

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
The wackiest and most amazing perfume line I've ever sniffed. I collect this stuff. Beth and her crew are brilliant.
An extremely friendly forum for BPAL perfume maniacs. A fun place to hang.
Jonathan Coulton
He's not unreasonable.
Wil Wheaton
If all you know him from is Star Trek, you don't know him. One of the geekiest guys of his generation, which is a compliment, and a heckuva writer. Funny as hell, a super nice guy--a mensch--and designer of my current favorite t-shirt. You need to read him


Kahlmulandr's picture

Web Comics and Good

Web Comics and Good stuff

Love Tales of Mu and Crowfeathers only problem is Crowfeathers seems to update slower then usual lately. Also have a thing for The Realms of Aegis a sort of midievil comic involving conflict and the gods of the land. Another comic I enjoy is Something Positive which I'm sorta ashamed to say I got hooked on when a co-worker showed me the comic's first strip that appealed to my twisted side.

"Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, their lack of good fortunes or the quirks of fate. Everyone has within them the power to say, "This I am today, that I shall become tomorrow." The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds."

MeiLin's picture

Crowfeathers is on summer

Crowfeathers is on summer hiatus. They'll be back this fall. yay! I love that strip, what an imagination.

Kahlmulandr's picture

Yes it is a nice strip thanks

Yes it is a nice strip thanks for the notice on the downtime hadn't bothered to read the post at the bottom just kept checking the page and seeing the same Chapther 30 page. On a sidenote I'm loving the Alien loves Predator from the web comics you listed so thanks something more for me to read on downtimes.

"Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, their lack of good fortunes or the quirks of fate. Everyone has within them the power to say, "This I am today, that I shall become tomorrow." The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds."

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Where's my title box

Where's my title box gone?

So, you're a David Tennant fan?
Ooh the art for The Phoenix Requiem looks good. I'll bookmark it for later archival staring, really -must- kick this habit of sleeping at 1am.

MeiLin's picture

Title box--dunno Sometimes it

Title box--dunno

Sometimes it just vanishes and I have no idea why. Sadly, I am a David Tennant fan. Loves me some Dr Who and Blackpool. My favorite version of my favorite Shakespeare play ("Much Ado about Nothing") is an audio version with him as Benedick. Hi-larious and fully brogue'd. (For further geeky goodness in that version? Chiwetal Ejiofor, "Serenity" Operative, as Claudio.)

"The Phoenix Requiem" is gorgeous, and I wish I could hire her to do art for me.

TheBugKing's picture

Be sure to read Inverlock

Be sure to read Inverlock too.
That was Sara Ellerton's first project and it is complete.
(Not prose per se but art none the less)

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Doctor Who!

I found this youtube compilation about The Master a few steps removed from your twitter, Mei, so you may have already seen it--if not, enjoy! This was the closest thing to a Dr Who thread (ok, reference) that I found on short notice.

Anarchy! That I run!

Laureril's picture

That would be awesome

You know, I'd love to see what she'd do with this story. Her art is so gorgeous-ful. Makes me wish I could draw like that.

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Other AE Works

Alexandra Erin, in addition to ToMU, has another wondiferous web serial called Star Harbor Nights. The universe has been restarted several times, sometimes with minor changes and sometimes with major ones. However, six or seven years later I am still in love with it. AE updates SHN on Tuesdays and Thursdays usually. Current one: Old/archives:

Cheez-It's picture

A webcomic I think you'd enjoy


I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to comment. I wanted to suggest that you might like It's a favourite webcomic of mine, sometimes exclusively geeky, but there are many many gems at that site. Here's one to get you started Smiling

I also wanted to say thanks for the fantastic read. I only started a couple days ago and I'm already at chapter 30. It was the first thing I did when I got to work this morning, even before checking my e-mail Smiling Thanks again.

MeiLin's picture

thank you!

Thanks for the kind words. As for xkcd, it is a fave among MLM inhabitants. Smiling

Teresita's picture

I just have to pass this on

My geeky husband loves The Guild and The Big Bang Theory. I totally need to pass this on to him. I admit I can't totally relate to these, but I know he'll eat it up. Thanks!

golemking's picture

its wierd to know that after

its wierd to know that after roughly 3 years of reading EVERY webcomic i can get my hands on i know all of these now, well mostly, btw i think crowfeathers has shut down, the author was unhappy with the work and is redoing it. which is a shame because i was really getting into it.

MeiLin's picture

I was wondering!

It hasn't been updated since forever!

Cheez-It's picture

Hm, I remember seeing a ad at

Hm, I remember seeing a ad at the top of the page with big green letters, it was awhile ago and I can't seem to see it anymore. Does anyone know what it was?

Capriox's picture

Do you remember what any of

Do you remember what any of the words were, or were like? I see the Peacock King web serial ad on the sidebar has some green text, but I dunno if that's it.

Supreme Minister of All Livestock

"Use, do not abuse. Neither abstinence nor excess renders man happy." - Voltaire

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Thought I responded to this last night, but apparently failed.

Is it this one?

"The worst thing in life isn't to die. The worst thing is to have lived but have missed it."
I will try to be good.

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I'm not sure...

... whether Wes Boyd's Spearfish Lake Tales fit the description of web novel/web serial, seeing as most of them have been written before, never got published, and are only now being published online in serial form as well as on Lulu. I'd still like to recommend them, because I love them.

Boyd's novels weave a web of interconnected stories spanning three decades starting in the 1970s, (almost) all centered around the fictional small town of Spearfish Lake in the Northwoods of Michigan, or at least people from that town. Some are love stories, some are action novels, some are comedies. They often feature adventurous outdoor activities like dog sled racing, white water kayaking/rafting, surfing, long distance hiking or small plane flying and while there are some that failed to grab me, those that did have managed to hold fast and never quite let go. I especially recommend:

1. Busted Axle Road and Runner's Moon. The former is a comedy, the latter in equal parts adventure, love story and coming of age tale. They kinda go together, and while I felt that both had pacing problems (BAR felt a bit hectic and RM skipped around a bit much towards the end) they were well worth the time it took to read them.
2. The Next Generation, a love story and coming of age tale of a handicapped girl growing into a competent woman.
3. Dawnwalker, again a love story and coming of age tale, with a good bit of family drama thrown in for good measure. This is the one I finished last night at 1 o'clock, reading chapter after chapter with increasingly bleary eyes because I just plain couldn't put it down. While it felt a bit slow in the middle and the ending was both forced and rather predictable, I found it a touching and addicting read. Contrary to my previous plans, which were to go back to reading some S/F after this one, I'll instead start the next book in the Dawnwalker sub-series (Alone Together) ASAP, meaning today at lunch break. Smiling

NorthwoodsMan's picture


I noticed there wasn't anything on here for (sp?)

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Gudy's picture

Three salutes...

... for the Flying Cloud!

I wholeheartedly second that recommendation. Mr Gazis is having entirely unreasonable amounts of fun with his serial, although I do have to say that some knowledge of Star Trek (especially The Original Series) and other bits and bobs of geek pop culture greatly enhances the experience of reading his work. I'm also quite taken with how Signalman Jenkins seems like the illegitimate child of Steadfast Jenks and a small, cute Deus Ex Machina. Laughing out loud

In other news, would it be possible to mark the most recent addition to this page in some way?

MeiLin's picture

can do

and will do in the future.

Darkmage's picture

Rejoice Fellow Romans!

SPQR is updating again, woohoo!

"Well look at this. Appears we got here just in the nick o' time. What does that make us?"
"Big damn heroes, sir."
"Ain't we just."

MeiLin's picture


I know! yay!! Laughing out loud *runs to update this page*

Cheez-It's picture

potter fanfic

do you remember, some years ago, posting about a hermione/snape fanfic? it was a favorite of mine and after several computer transitions i can no longer find the link.

MeiLin's picture

geez I read so many of them back in the day

I'm sorry, I don't remember!

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