Line, Line, Everywhere a Line

  • Posted on: 3 June 2013
  • By: MeiLin

Chokin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind...

I'd give a no-prize to anyone who knows the reference, but if you do, here's what it really means: YOU'RE OLD. Like me. You're welcome.

OK. So what am I talking about?

I've been working the last two weeks on plotting not just History book three but the entire rest of the series. I'm working on timelines, outlines, all kindsa lines. Smile Over the years I've been working on this series, on writing fiction, I've been moving further and further from what writers call "pantsing"--writing by the seat of one's pants--and "plotting"--working with outlines etc. There's no One True Way, but I tell you, outlining, for me, with this enormous sprawling story and complicated world, is increasingly necessary.

What I've got so far is a set of seven books about Temmin, one about Sedra and Mattie, and one about Ellika that may be a novella. That's SO FAR. They might combine, collapse, expand, disappear. But I know more right now about where we're all going than I did two weeks ago (including a firm end), and I'll know more about the story in two weeks than I do now.

The next book under active development is the one about Mattie and Sedra (not together, but about their plotlines). It may become part one of a two-part book, the other half being the next part of Temmin's story; we'll see how long the Mattie-and-Sedra part is.

In the DIC series, I have almost an entire outline of Songbird, an action-adventure set on both Inselmond and in Eisenstadt about the singer Johanna Diedrich and the composer Simon Ritter, who figure in all three of the current DIC books. I'll be working on that in the interstices of the History; the DIC books are WAY easier to write.

So that's what's going on right now!


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Do I win a no-prize? I already KNEW I was old. Smile

Seven freaking books? I am simultaneously astonished that there are going to be that many on Temmin alone and elated. More books!!

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... don't have a problem with more books. Not a' tall! Wink

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about the number of books.

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Most High

The number may be fewer. I'm still working it out. Book 3 and the "interstitial" book about Mattie and Sedra may actually fit into the same book, for instance.

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Sorry, Mei, I'm not old Wink But my parents are the same age as you, hence the music and the Carol Burnett sketch...

Also, hooray for plotting!

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Can't you read the signs?

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