An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom

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Magic, sexual politics, intrigue, military conquest and the end game for an empire

A trapped immortal, the ruler of an empire, and eight Gods not all of one accord are fighting one another for the future of the Greater Kingdom of Tremont and Litta...a future hinging on one naïve young man...


Prince Temmin Antremont has been shielded from assassins and women for eighteen years. Now at his father Harsin's court, forces he can neither control nor understand pull at him from all sides. But none pull harder than the Lovers, the twin gods of love and sex. King Harsin believes an old prophecy: if Temmin joins the Lovers' Temple the monarchy will end.

The gods are irresistible, and the King is implacable. With Teacher's help, Temmin must decide which is more dangerous--defying his father or defying the gods. But what is Teacher's real agenda? And how far will the King go to stop his own son?

Goodreads overall rating for Lovers and Beloveds: 4.03 stars over 110 reviews!


Estranged from his father, Prince Temmin Antremont struggles within the Lovers' Temple for peace of mind. A murder rips away his greatest support. His forbidden love of Allis Obby, the human host of a goddess, may get them both killed. And all the while, enemies inside and outside the kingdom are plotting against the monarchy, and the gods prove once again they are no one's friends.

Goodreads overall rating for Son in Sorrow: 4.65 stars over 50 reviews!


The story of Allis and Issak Obby, and how Teacher rescued them from Maleen Polls' brothel.

Fairy Tales from the Greater Kingdom Vol. 1
Four fairy tales for four royal children, from the world of An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom

The Gratification Engine
Allis Obby and Anda Barrows turn the tables on the Scholars of Eddin in this little erotic prequel to Book One. (Another reason to read this story: the main character turns up in Book Three.)

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Book Three of An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom is due some time in 2014.

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