Chapter 17 Part 6 | Son in Sorrow | IHGK Book 2

This section is NSFW.

Allis and Senik both stood up. Allis sat back down on the couch, her hands braced behind her; Senik kneeled between her legs and began kissing up the inside of her thighs. "This is the way of Venna, for She is the Sister and seeks union without penetration," grated Temmin. Senik reached the curly black thatch between his partner's legs, spread her lips wide and licked her. Allis let out a moan and cradled Senik's dark head in her hands, pressing his mouth closer; she threw back her head and came with a great cry, her knees rising up. Temmin suppressed most of a growl of pure frustration. The class studied the lovemakers in rapt concentration, the men all sporting erections and the women flushed and open-mouthed, but he knew Malla had heard him, and probably Allis and Senik as well.

When Allis stopped shaking, she and Senik traded places. "When the giver takes the receiver's mouth, it is the Way of Farr, for He is the proud Warrior Whose foe kneels at His feet." Temmin heard a tremor creep into his voice and despaired.

Senik's hands fisted in Allis's hair as her head rose and fell between his legs. A male Postulant gave a sudden cry and began to shiver; a wet patch spread on his trouser front. Senik looked up at the sound. "Word of advice, men: Don't touch yourselves during these demonstrations before you've learned the Patience." A nervous laugh rippled through the half-moon but for the embarrassed young man.

"Stop," Senik murmured, and Allis obeyed. He flashed a grin, displaying even, white teeth. "Even I can't last forever in such a skilled mouth!" The chuckle ran through the Postulants again. Temmin wanted to pull Senik's perfect teeth out through his ass.

Allis got up from her crouch, straddled Senik's lap and eased herself onto him, his hands spread on her flexing bottom. "Isn't that pretty?" murmured Malla as Senik helped his partner rise and fall.

"Seated positions are the way of Eddin, for He is the Wise One and loves learning," Temmin told the Postulants as calmly as he could. "In this position, one can see one's partner most clearly." Allis leaned back in Senik's arms so they could both watch as they came together and moved apart; Temmin couldn't see her hand, but knew where it was. Allis's face flushed and her breathing grew faster until she came again, Senik supporting her.

She wrapped her arms around Senik's neck. With his hands clutching her ass, Senik stood, still buried inside her; his thighs bunched and strained. As soon as he got his balance, he began to thrust. Stunned, Temmin pushed his tears as firmly back as possible but not quite far enough for his taste. "The Way of Nerr, Who finds pleasure in display. There are many variations on standing positions as well."

"Show them the supported Way of Nerr. We don't wish to tire Senik out completely," said Malla.

Temmin's hard-won self-control wobbled. "Most High, I'm not dressed for it."

The Most High Beloved waved a wrinkled hand at him. "Remove your shirt."

Temmin shucked off the embroidered tunic in resignation but instead of folding it he tossed it on the couch. He knew everyone could see his own erection, but it would have been considered odd if he weren't aroused. He placed himself at Allis's back, and she braced herself against him; her bottom pressed at the tip of his arousal, and he shifted her upward, supporting her thighs; sweat slicked her back, and she slid against his chest. She separated from him long enough to sweep her long black hair over one shoulder.

A wicked smile spread Senik's lips. His free hand grabbed Temmin's neck and pulled him close; Senik kissed him. "Thank you," he said when they parted. Temmin wanted to wipe his mouth off, but he couldn't without dropping Allis.

Senik's next thrust knocked her against Temmin's chest. "Unfortunate we're doing the Eight," hissed Senik. "You might take her in the ass at the same time otherwise." Temmin closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, hoping the Postulants would take it as a savoring of the moment--the only mercy he would get, for the sworn clergy in the room knew differently.

A few lusty pushes later, Senik withdrew; Temmin helped Allis to her feet again. As protocol dictated, she stood on her tiptoes and pulled him down into a brief kiss. Her lips were tentative, almost forlorn, and his heart twisted further; pity was far worse. "Thank you," she murmured before turning back to Senik, who reclined on his side on the wide couch.

Temmin took up his position again before the eager Postulants. Almost done, almost done, he repeated to himself. "The Way of Neya is side by side, for She prefers pleasure for its own sake. It allows Her lover access to all of Her--Her breasts and Her neck as well as Her sex." Allis snugged herself against Senik, both of them slick and shining in the warm room. She threw her topmost leg over his, and his cock slid home. Two or three Postulants let out tiny whines. Senik slipped his arms around her and molded her breasts, plucking and twisting the nipples; he bit at her neck as she writhed. Senik moved his topmost hand to where they were joined together, circling until Allis convulsed, screaming and shouting. For a moment, Temmin thought she stared at him before she closed her eyes and her hair covered her face.

Senik withdrew and lay flat on his back, playing with his cock as Allis caught her breath. Just as Temmin wondered whether she'd fallen asleep she rolled over and crawled atop Senik, straddling him. The end, finally. "The Way of Harla, the receiver atop the giver. For all our illusions of control--" Did he have any illusions of control any more? "--For all our illusions of control, Death rides us all." Senik lay still as Allis bounced atop him until he gripped her hips and began bucking up into her. She leaned over to kiss him, cradling his head in her hands until he rose up and up; his hips wedged into her, his head arched away from her, and he bellowed out his final release.

"That," said Temmin to his class, "is the Sacred Eight. You will memorize it. Men, you will be required to last through the entire sequence with ease, with variations, and without rushing before you take your vows. That gives you three years to learn the Patience. Women may reach their crisis as many times as they wish, though learning the Patience is considered good form. Shall I excuse them, Most High?"

Malla nodded. "You are excused, Postulants. Amuse yourselves as you wish before lights out, though I imagine some of you may want to practice while the demonstration is fresh in your minds. I remind you to keep your activities to the private areas of the Temple." The Postulants stampeded from the room.


Darkmage's picture

I think that this version of the Sacred Eight is even more painful than the one in the draft.

I don't know whether that's good or bad :/

Diva's picture

I feel bad for Temmin, but daaaaaaaaaamn. I liiiiiiiike. *Says the woman who tuned out Temmin's emotional suffering because she's a cold-hearted witch*

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Most High

From here on out I don't trust myself to comment much. o.o

For those reading who didn't read the original, much of this is taken from the first draft, which was posted as a webserial until it was pointed out that I couldn't sustain it at the pace it was going (glacial in terms of Temmin's life). If you HAVE read the first draft and haven't bought the entire book yet...

...well, let's just's different.

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