Chapter 1 Part 8 | Son in Sorrow | IHGK Book 2

This segment is NSFW.

Temmin caught her by her slim waist. "So this is my birthday present."

She stiffened. "I am not a present."

Her abrupt change in mood startled him. She was usually so hard to read, keeping all but the most professional, compassionate parts locked away, and when she let down her guard he didn't know what to do. "No, you are a gift," he began. "That's different from a present, isn't it? Presents are things. You are not a thing, but you are still a gift, at least to me."

"I'm sorry." She held him close, resting her head on his chest with a small tremor.

He stroked her black hair. "What brought this on?"

"Perhaps I'm more tired than I thought."

He kept himself from drooping. "Shall I go back downstairs?"

"No, no, please don't go," she said, tightening her grasp on him. "Sometimes it feels you and Issak are all I have. Sometimes it seems like you're the only ones in the world who see me as Allis, and not as the Embodiment of Neya."

"Not even Anda, or the Most Highs? Not even Teacher? He told me once you and Issak are the closest he'll ever have to children."

"I love Teacher. He's our sponsor--he's our father, for all intents and purposes. But..." She burrowed into him deeper. "There are times when it feels as if Issak and I are simply means to an end, like the mirrors he uses to go from one place to another. I have no right to feel that way, I know..."

One more thing they had in common, Temmin thought. He was himself now to so few people: his sisters, his mother, Jenks--Alvo, his best friend back at the Estate in Whithorse, knew him inside and out. The last night Temmin spent at home, they'd gotten so drunk. Then there'd been Mattie, and then…then Alvo had said he loved Temmin and begged to suck his cock; before Temmin could even think properly it was done and Alvo had run away, leaving him astonished and confused. They hadn't seen one another since. He needed someone to see him as Temmin, as Alvo always had. What were they now to one another? For that matter, what was Allis to him? Superior? Teacher? Yes, but nothing more?

Temmin kissed the top of her head. "I don't want to think about Teacher, or magic, or Gods or anything tonight. We're alone. We're never alone, and it's my birthday." He moved his hands to her back. His skills in undressing women had blossomed since his arrival at the Temple, and he unbuttoned her bodice and stroked her back at the same time.

She unbuttoned his waistcoat in turn and removed the studs from his shirt, slipping them in his waistcoat pocket. "You'll lose them otherwise, you know you will." She kissed him again, slow and tender.

In time they lay together naked in her wide bed. Allis cuddled in the curve of his arm, her full breasts maddeningly pressed against his side. He resisted tracing the silver sigil on her left hip that kept her from bearing children. No one could see it--not even Allis herself--but he could.

Temmin let her lead; she slid her soft hands along his body and returned no more than brief, gentle touches himself. Her hand traveled down, down into the curly golden hair on his belly. Temmin held his breath until she found the hardness patiently waiting there. Her hand slid lower and cradled his balls; he let out the smallest of groans, afraid to disturb her in the least. "It's all right," she said. "I want to know you're pleased."

"You know already," he said, straining up into the hand now encircling him.

He turned to face her, but Allis pushed him onto his back. "Lie still. We shall follow the Way of Harla."

"I've never cared for the Temple's naming a Way after Death--" Allis straddled him and sank down on his shaft, slow and deliberate. "But this is all right," he gasped.

"Every God has a Way, even Death. Death rides us all, Tem, but tonight I ride you. Be still." She rocked atop him, sighing as if his cock pushed the air from her body. Her hand slipped between her legs, where he wished to put his own hand, her fingers pinched at a nipple he wished to suckle, but he obeyed her and clenched his hands at his sides. Her fingers circled her pearl, dipping down to touch his slippery length as she rose up from him, back to her pearl as she sank down on him.

Even holding still, even letting her set a slow pace, the climax mounted in him. His hands desperately wanted to maul her breasts, pull her down hard on top of him as he thrust up into her. He wished he were tied down; forced passivity would be so much easier than this. "Allis, please let me move, please!"

Her tense, dreamy voice floated down to him. "No."

Temmin dug his fingers into the coverlet and closed his eyes. He could no longer bear to see her body atop him, flushed with desire and untouchable; as Supplicant, he should practice the Patience and delay his release as long as possible. She pulled him in deeper and squeezed until he choked out, "Allis, I am trying, truly I am trying, but you make the Patience very difficult!"

Her low laugh vibrated unbearably against his cock. "I'm not asking for the Patience. No lesson, just pleasure." Allis picked up her pace, swiveling her hips down hard onto him. His breath met the rhythm at first, becoming disordered the closer he came to his crisis. Just when he thought he might faint from the strain of stillness, she convulsed around him; not long after, the world compressed into his balls and exploded outward, lights sparkled beneath his eyelids, and all of his denied movement burst from him in a long roaring arch.

Allis stretched over him, keeping his half-hard cock inside her; her skin against his made him shudder and twitch. Finally free, Temmin brought his hands to her face, his touch soft and feverish as he kissed her cheeks and forehead and eyes and mouth. He felt her smile against his palm, and tenderness overwhelmed him. "I love you," he whispered.

Her hands minutely stiffened against his chest, and he cursed himself. "Ssh," she said, and blocked his mouth with a kiss.



Cheez-It's picture

I always like reading your NSFW stuff, because it's pretty and straight to the point. No purple prose, no drama. Well, there's drama--it's just not about the sex. Wink


MeiLin's picture

Most High

I write what I like to read, and I don't like purple prose sex scenes either. It's why I no longer consider myself an erotica writer; the sex in my books is too awkward, and it has direct, sometimes unpleasant, consequences.

These days, I try not to write sex scenes for the sake of sex scenes; I want them to be relevant and speaking to plot, character or both. That makes some fans of the old serial unhappy, because I included a lot of "fan service" in it. I just can't bring myself to do that any more.

Sean's picture

I've noticed that this seems to happen a lot. Authors often include more sex at the start of their career than the end. Not knowing many in person, I can't say whether this usually reflects less desperation to catch readers, or authors getting less hotblooded and more prudish as they age Smile Its interesting to hear your views on it!

Of course, the -exceptio quae probat regulum- is Heinlein. How much of that was the stroke, how much elaborate revenge against Alice Dalgliesh, and how much a rich, famous author finally getting to write what he had always wanted to, I won't speculate.

MeiLin's picture

Most High

...though, to be truthful, with menopause has come a slackening.

I still consider sex an extremely important human drive, and I treat it as such. In the beginning of all this, part of the sex writing was finally getting to write what I wanted to write, what I always knew would come out if I wrote, and what made me afraid to write. And part of it--I won't call it "desperation," that's not the right word because I didn't feel desperate at the time. It was more a need to please. I wanted to give people what I thought they wanted.

Now I just trust that you guys like what I write and will follow where the story takes us. Sometimes it will take us in sexual directions, sometimes it won't. I know I'm going to lose people. I hope more will take their place--not because there's less sex, but because they want the story.

Cheez-It's picture

But whatever the case, it will hopefully be a story well worth multiple rereadings.
If I just wanted plot amongst pr0n, there's the rest of the Internet and plenty of fanfiction...

Re time telescoping.. I understand. Still... aww!!

Sean's picture

I was just teasing you (and myself) with the "old and cold-blooded" bit. It seems like you should write what you want to write, since there isn't much money in this business. The sex in book 1 pushed you into self-publishing, but that worked out well!

Tigger's picture


the authors who put more and more gratuitous sex, more explicit and more unrealistic, in a desperate attempt to keep their readers. One series in particular that I used to read was fabulous in the beginning - all the things lined up. As the series got older, there was more unrealistic sex added in...and less plot. What plot there was became just a way to introduce more sex. The last books I read were...mostly just pr0n, I swear it. And while I have no trouble with pr0n, I would prefer my books to be what they should - if that is what it should be, don't try to hide or mask it.

That's one of those things I love about Mei's world - the sex SHOULD be right where it is. There's no "sex just to have sex", and the sex is actually believable. This is a story with sex in it, not sex with a story in it.

Cheez-It's picture

honestly this whole story has lost all the passion and drive the original had except where you use the original scenes

MeiLin's picture

Most High

Thanks for reading thus far.

TheBoy's picture


when you say "passion and drive," you mean "fucking," then maybe you're correct.

Firesong's picture


I am very interested in this new Temmin. He seems to have matured quite a bit in the one year. If I remember correctly, the draft didn't even cover a year of Temmin's time, even though we got through three sub-stories -- right?

MeiLin's picture

Most High

I think we got up to Nerr's day 990 KY by the end of draft book 3 (the three story-in-stories), and at the beginning of finished book 2 we're already into Spring's Beginning 991 (Tem's birthday, 9th day of Spring's Beginning). The reason I stopped the serial is that there was NO WAY I was going to be able to make it through to Tem's becoming king (which may or may not now be in 1000 KY though that was the original plan) at that pace. I had to start telescoping time.

Cheez-It's picture

Hi MeiLin, love your work, especially this series! Can't wait for the ebook to be available to buy! I am "totes jelly " of the lucky souls who knew about the kickstarter - is it really too late to get a full copy that way? I am checking back more than once per day to see when I can buy it - any update on the release date? I did not get to read earlier drafts of your work but trust you as a storyteller - the above love scene was beautiful & real & in the first book they were as well - better than stereotypical bodice ripper romance scenes or adult online sex stories. There are tons of those standard fare out there for those who complain. Your writing is unique in the wonderful prose & delightful blend of all my favorite genres - please keep it up! I would, however, suggest special "extended editions" with deleted scenes included in ebooks for those diehard fans like me who don't want to miss any precious scraps of your delicious writing & stories. Please answer my above questions - thanks again!

MeiLin's picture

Most High

The map maker JUST finished the map and as soon as I've got the complete file it's going to the typographer. He just has to pop it in place in the ebook and send me the file, and then we're ready to go. I'll be uploading it as fast as I can, believe me. I'm hoping early next week--I will let EVERYONE know in a REALLY LOUD VOICE when it happens. Smile

As to special editions: I put out side stories like Accounts and The Gratification Engine instead of extended editions. Side stories are usually where deleted or back story material ends up, though a lot of it just gets put aside for another book. I have a lot of material from this book that ended up not being used because the character didn't belong, but I'm gong to be using it in book three or four.

Thanks for your kind remarks. Smile

TheBoy's picture


If you join up and pay, you can read the initial drafts, including the comments by long-time readers to the early chapters of the drafts.

Plus, of course, you're supporting the author.

TheBoy's picture


also, I'm superstitious about posts with thirteen comments. This is (by my count) the fourteenth, for now.

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