Chapter 15 Part 10 | Lovers and Beloveds | IHGK Book 1

Temmin slid his arms around Anda from behind until his hands closed on her breasts, so soft and heavy, heavier than Arta's, kneading until she tilted her head back against his shoulder with a low growl. Under his fingers, her nipples grew hard, the wide circles of brown skin around them puckering and pebbling. "Are they supposed to do that?" he asked shyly. "It's not because I'm hurting you?"

"No, you're not hurting me, it means I like it--or that it's cold out," she laughed. "It's normal. Don't yours do that?"

He rolled her nipples between his fingers; he remembered Emmae liked it. "I hadn't really thought on it. means you like my doing this?"

"Very much." Anda turned over in his arms.

"Show me what to do, what do you like, may I kiss--would it be good, would you like it if...?"

She gathered up her breasts and offered them to his mouth.

Hesitantly, he licked at a nipple; her scent was different here, a musky apricot. He pushed his nose between her breasts before his mouth found the nipple and took it in, running his tongue over its soft, crinkled skin. He ground himself against her, his worries that he might hurt her or push things too far gone, Issak's breath against his neck reassuring and warm, the hardness that had to be Issak pressing against him arousing and somehow comforting. He was safe. He took the nipple fully into his mouth and sucked.

"Just like that," she whispered, rolling onto her back. "Pinch the other. No, both at the same--" Her words dissolved. Temmin growled and clutched at her breast, biting the nipple harder before releasing it and attacking the other one; Anda undulated beneath him in a fleshy wave, her thighs opening.

A hand took his and guided it between her legs, slipping his fingers just inside. "This is a woman, this is what a woman feels like," murmured Issak.

So wet, hot, and wet, and slippery, so different from anything Temmin had ever felt, though Emmae and Warin's lovemaking ghosted against his fingers and mouth. He rumbled deep in his chest, sucking harder at the nipple in his mouth, and tangled his fingers with Issak's in his eagerness. "Slowly, slowly," said Issak; he moved their joined fingers in maddening, gentle circles that left Anda squirming. He guided Temmin's fingers to the top of Anda's opening, grazing a hard nub there; Anda gasped and whimpered, jerking her hips. "That little bump? That's her clitoris," Issak said in his ear. "We call it the pearl. It's like a little prick, but you can't treat it like one." He set their fingers in a tight, soft spiral around the nub; a sort of hood of skin covered it, and more and more, Issak guided their fingers to slide it up and down. Anda's fingers tightened in Temmin's hair; her breathing became disordered, and he clung to the breast in his hand as she twisted beneath him. He took the nipple between his teeth again, just as Issak sped up the rhythm of their fingers inside her. She bucked and begged them not to stop, begged, and swore, and sobbed, until her climax rippled through her body, sending every inch of her shivering like an aspic. Issak slowed their fingers down and withdrew his own hand, but Temmin kept up lazy, amazed strokes on the inner lips, memorizing the silky, soaking fleshiness.

"Owtch. That's enough," she giggled, pulling his hair. He stopped his fingers, and let go the nipple with a pop. "He needs his nails trimmed, Holy One."

"He needs many things," said Issak. He plucked a cushion from the piles around them, tossed it to the floor, and knelt beside the couch, stroking Temmin's back.

A rushing ache spread from his testicles; he rolled to one side and wrapped his hand around his shaft, but Anda stopped him. "On your back." He did as she said, and Issak kissed him, kissed him and didn't stop: insistent, firm, controlling, safe, maddening, absorbing until Anda's breath blew hot between his legs. A groan forced its way from him into Issak's mouth, and he fought against the restraining hands against his shoulders. A tongue licked at his balls, tasting him thoroughly, and he blurted a muffled "Holy Mother!"

Tiny licks up the underside of his shaft, a ghost of a touch and somehow penetrating, ending at its slit. Anda took the head into her mouth, softly working at it, playing with the foreskin and running her tongue along the groove running down its underside. She swallowed all of him now, doing something intricate--teeth, tongue, he had no idea. It differed from his experience with Alvo: urgency without desperation, deliberate and directed, a pleasure that swelled and retreated in tides, instead of bursting from him in surprise.

Issak forced his tongue inside Temmin's mouth just as Anda pressed firmly behind his balls, still sucking. His body curled up in response, but Issak kept him pinned and struggling. "Let her finish you," he whispered in Temmin's ear. Two long, harsh breaths, and Temmin came with a roaring sob.


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Really, how else can you describe this scene? Wink Isaak dominating Temmin is one of my favorite relationship dynamics in the whole story.

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That's the stuff!
Also love the line "its like a little cock but you can't treat it like one"

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I'm reading

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