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  • Posted on: 13 November 2013
  • By: MeiLin

Allegories of the Tarot Badass Marketing Blog Tour

Get to know Anne Chaconas, one of the 22 contributors to the recently-released Allegories of the Tarot†Anthology (which is already trailblazing its way up the fantasy anthology charts on Amazon!). Anne wrote her tale, Reply All, based on the Temperance card. You can read an excerpt of her story below.

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About Anne

anneAnne Chaconas was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and made it her mission from around the time she was three years old to move to the United States (where, she told anyone who would listen, all the music was in English, which automatically meant life was better--flawless toddler logic, people). She fulfilled her mission at eighteen when she moved to Connecticut to attend a small private university in New Haven. There she bounced from major to major, finally landing on Literature (and guaranteeing herself absolutely no job prospects upon graduation but absolutely exceptional cocktail party conversational skills).

After realizing people down South were much nicer (and the food was much more fried), she moved there in 2007. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, two kids, four cats, two dogs, and entirely too many books. She is a work-at-home mom, and spends her days making things in the Crock-Pot, changing shockingly awful diapers, getting sunburned at the park, and working on her prose and for her marketing clients during those 45 minutes when the kids' naps overlap and those fleeting hours after they go to bed.

Anne writes many things, but has found her true love in humorous non-fiction and parenting essays. She is currently working on two books, Embrace Your Weird (a how-to guide on how to be happy from someone not academically qualified to write such a guide) and A Stork Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (a collection of essays, limericks, and assorted musings on pregnancy,†childbirth, parenthood, and other unnatural acts).

She also swears. A lot.

You can stalk her online at about.me/annechaconas.

Just a few questions...

What intrigues you about this particular Tarot card? The sheer power of it, and everything it represents. Temperance stands between worlds, the buffer between death and the Devil, the potential decider of fate. At the same time, it embodies calm, peace, and acceptance--a willingness to share control, see both sides of the equation. Temperance is everything, while at the same time being nothing, and it has the ability to determine endings as well as beginnings. It is a complex, complicated card, where nothing is quite as it seems--and it suits me perfectly.

Why did you decide to get roped into this project? I like a challenge. And I LURVE Netta.

Have you ever had dealings with the Tarot before? Only in passing. I've never had my cards read, and I possess only a slim familiarity with the practice. Anyone want to take a pass at freaking me out with the metaphysical?

What other projects do you have planned? TOO MANY. I've had a literary/women's fiction novel called Salve Reginain the works for literally YEARS, and I have a number of non-fiction projects in the works--Embrace Your Weird and A Stork Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next--that deal with humor, finding the happy in everyday life, and loving your inner freak. I am also getting ready to pen a collaborative dark humor mystery series with another dear author friend. AND I also run a book review blog (Indie Author Book Reviews) and a parenting blog (Momma Dearest), as well as blogging on my own author platform. It's just too much. TOO TOO MUCH.

How did you decide what to write about? The first thing that came to me was the title. "Reply All." I really liked it, so I knew I had to do something with it. I've worked in enough offices to see the disastrous effects of a poorly-timed "reply-all." The fact that Temperance stands between Death and the Devil really kept coming back to me, too. And, because I am thoroughly unable to take anything seriously and like to insert the raunch in whenever I can, I found myself drawing upon my years as a stock broker's assistant and how I was basically the buffer between him and anything that came his way. And how he was basically a devil-like asshole. And how that basically made me Temperance, standing guard between the Devil and anything that came his way. So, really, this is fully autobiographical. AND DEEP.

How literal did you want to get with your card? I knew, and continue to know, nothing about the Tarot--or at least very little. So I did what any tech-savvy person would do--I went on Wikipedia and also googled the card. And then I went on dictionary.com and found the definition of temperance--"habitual moderation in the indulgence of a natural appetite or passion." And, as any good humorist knows, the best way to get a laugh is to go the complete opposite way of a perceived outcome. So I fed all this information to the little muse in my head, and she screamed out "SEX! WEEE!" And off we went.

That didn't really answer the question, did it? But my answer did include the word "SEX," so bonus points for me!

Is your story a part of something you've written about previously? Not unless you count my own reply-all messes (of which, thankfully, there aren't many).

Would you like to have written about any other card? Which card? Why? Annetta picked out my card for me. I asked her to. I did that because the card I really wanted, The Hierophant, was already taken. And the only reason I wanted it was because I thought the name was really cool (seriously, I know nothing about the Tarot). And thank god for that, because can you imagine the horrible, blasphemous shit I woulda done to a POPE? The Universe worked to save my everlasting soul on this one.

If you could have the power to divine the future, would you or would you not and why? I'm that person who always vacillates when asked questions like this. I'm a planner, you see. I like to know what's coming. But what if it's bad shit? Because I'm also a moper, you see. I like to brood and stew on the bad shit. I do things like have fights with those who have wronged me, in my head, while washing dishes. So perhaps it is better if I can't divine the future. Now, if I had the power to divine AND change, that would be another matter altogether. MMMM DELICIOUS OMNIPOTENCE.

An excerpt from Reply All

Date: Friday 13 June, 9:45am
From: Williams, Temperance
To: Arcana Enterprises <Distribution List>
Subject: Leaving early today

Please be advised that Mr. Mammon is leaving at noon today to attend a tennis tournament, and will be unavailable until Monday. All urgent matters should be brought to his attention no later than 11am.

Thank you,
Temperance Williams
Executive Assistant to Stan Mammon, VP - Arcana Enterprises


Date: Friday 13 June, 9:47am
From: Kaiser, Victoria
To: Mammon, Stanley
Subject: RE: Leaving early today

Oh, is that what weíre calling it now? A "tennis tournament?"


Date: Friday 13 June, 9:50am
From: Mammon, Stanley
To: Kaiser, Victoria
Subject: RE: Leaving early today

If you want, I can ask Temperance to send out an email clarifying my weekend activities. What would you like me to have her say?


Date: Friday 13 June, 9:51am
From: Kaiser, Victoria
To: Mammon, Stanley
Subject: RE: Leaving early today

Have her say youíll be riding me roughly in the back of an El Dorado.

Read the rest of Reply All in the Allegories of the Tarot Anthology!

About Allegories of the Tarot

Allegories of the TarotOnce upon a time, there was an editor with a fascination for the Tarot. She was struck one day by a crazy idea. "Hey," she said. "What if twenty-two writers each wrote a story about the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and were fashioned into an anthology?"

The idea would not leave her alone.

And thus, the Allegories of the Tarot was born.

Crowdfunded by a campaign on Indiegogo with the help and support of an amazing group of writers, twenty-two stories were crafted around the mysteries of the Tarot. The group includes a Pushcart Prize nominee, a Pulp Ark nominee, a former Bigfoot researcher, a journalist, an award-winning YA author, and a Rhysling Award winner. Professional writers, new talent, and a range of genres boggling the mind: Horror, Speculative Fiction, Bizarro Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Humor, Paranormal, Epic Fantasy, Literary, Romance, and Historical Fantasy.

What has emerged is an outstanding collection of fiction, unique and mysterious. Stories that will make you cry, make you laugh, and make you think. Stories that make you feel the touch of the Universe.

Dare to step through the portal to shadowy realms and emotional journeys.

Get the book!

Allegories of the Tarot†is available in e-book and paperback format on Amazon, Kobo, and in multiple e-book formats on Smashwords.

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