Chapter 23 goes live at midnight

  • Posted on: 7 April 2008
  • By: MeiLin

And I have a hunch you will be peeved with me once you come to the end. Wink Happily peeved, I think. Maybe not, I dunno. Be patient. Thursday is coming. hee.

I'm a little worried about how things are going here. Readership has leveled off and so have comments, and donations are nonexistent. Of course, we've only been on the air a month, but it concerns me. I worry that I'm losing audience. I mean, I've stopped advertising as extensively--I've had to. And I expect an audience drop from that. I even expect to see donations drop. After all, I sprung that BPAL Challenge on y'all and I think I tapped the core out on that 'un for a while. (Never doing THAT again...)

But comments? eeeeek! Please leave comments. Comments keep me writing. Srsly. I live for comments. i r comment ho. kthxbye.

ETA: Woohoo! someone dropped a wad of cash on me and we will have a Saturday chapter! yay! Thank you!


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AHH!! I shall be your comment crusader! bringing forth words of praise and love. just caught up to 22. can't wait for 23. as always keep up the good work and know you have at least one person who your writting has touched and influenced (in a positive manner).

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Most High

Even just "you misspelled sacrilegious" is good, it means someone's reading/paying attention! Smile Thanks, TGC.

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I've noticed this in other web novels -- even ToMU is receiving less comments than usual. I think it's just a...phaze.

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Most High

it's probably so. Smile I just get paranoid. "OMG, what am I doing wrong?! Is Eustacia right, is it so disgusting no one's reading any more? Maybe that guy who read the pile-of-notes-cum-draft was right, it's disgustica. aaaah! I'm going to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head!"

I get that way sometimes. Smile

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Write it for the love of writing, and for the love of the story. Write it to give life to Temmin and Elika and the Obbys and every other character that I'm sure you are great friends with. Be confident that you have a great story, because you do! And you have a certain fluidity to your writing where I can practically visualize the words flowing onto the page like magic (like a magic red-bound book perhaps). I recently watched a special on J.R.R. Tolkien, and his deep love of his tale was amazing. I think the idea of publishing it for others was simply an afterthought. Write it, and they will come! Wink

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It's 1 am Pacific = ( Where are the precious updates T.T

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Most High

The scheduler is finicky. I went in and edited something, and it made the scheduler unhappy. I see it's up now, but I don't know when it went live. Sorry! I should have checked it before bed.

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