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Hello all Pardon Time for me to stop being a creeper and put myself out in the open! I am an absolute ADDICT at this point. I stumbled across the page from Phoenix Requiem and have been stuck on it since - and I have to say, it made a really satisfying use of my free time between classes!! Then I caught up with the stories and I am stuck waiting every week. I think otherwise I would still be reading here a lot more than reading for my thesis, and I doubt that would go over well ;] In the absence of my long distance lover, reading here has kept my mind off the loneliness!

Ehm, time to shrink back into the background now....

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Most High

Teacher would not approve!

I'm so happy to see people from Phoenix Requiem here. I absolutely love that comic and wish Sarah put out bunches of pages every day! So I know how you guys feel about me getting my stuff out. Smile

Welcome and thanks for being a reader!

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shrinking away is for cowards. Stick around. Share an opinion. It's remarkably liberating.

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Can you point me to where that avatar came from? I remember seeing that stick-figure website something like eight years ago, but I lost track of it over time.

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but you could be thinking of explodingdog.com , which is what I thought of after you pointed it out.

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from nataliedee.com Smile not sure if she still has them up, I got this one ages ago...but she is still pretty funny!

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probably xkcd ... jolly good fun when I remember it exists every few months Smile

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rarely has color, and never anything but red, so it's not that. That and xkcd's stick figures never have faces.

eta: Hi and welcome and suchlike things! TPR is awesome.

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Yup, not XKCD. I love that comic like you wouldn't believe and subscribe to it in my RSS reader. It's also not Order of the Stick, another very popular stick figure comic.

It is, however, explodingdog. My Google-fu comes in handy once in a while. Another thing to toss in my RSS reader...

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